OBS got interface-deaf for some reason


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Aight, here's the thing. I am using obs for quite a long time bcs it's the simplest and most effective streaming\recording software.
In last 2 days i've recorded a few footages and while i was doing "cut the crap" procedures using vegas, i have seen some of the last footages having no sound.
"Oh well, smth has broken, nothing that reset wouldnt patch up" - it was at this moment the most mistakeful thought of my life have visited my head.
I probably should've mentioned i did not change any sound settings or any other settings at all during the recording process, so i had not a piny idea what was the problem, but forgotten of this issue, today i've recorded 6 more hours just to say "Oh hell.. No sound?.. At all?!"

Now the real game begins. I've googled,read and watched a lot of "obs cant detect sound" requests, but most of them was "dumbo, go to settings and set your output device", which is totally not my kind of problem. I've tried a lot of fancy things including
*"mixer" panel,
*sound monitoring settings,
*disabling all devices and even dropping and reinstalling my audio card drivers,
*deleting appdata roaming obs stuff, which has totally reset the whole meaning of being for my OBS, (sure i've made a backup, i spent days to set everything up for my old arse potato pc to record things properly)
*deleting OBS and every trail of it on my pc and then reinstalling it.

Problem still seem to linger around, keeping me awake for 18 hours now.

I'm attaching video which shows that OBS is detecting sound from my microphone, while totally ignoring my interface sounds which it has definitely recorded few days ago.
I also downloaded bandicam just to see what it's gonna say and if necessary - to record my issue for you guys.
As you can see, with same settings bandicam is receiving both interface audio and mic, which is indicated, while OBS is hearing the mic, but cant hear anything else, which is displayed too.
(mic sound is represented by "woooooooooooooooo" sounds of my pc cooling, cause it was hung up point blank at him to have stable source of sound)

And so i am here to ask local gods of knowledge and experience: "What should i do to heal my dear lovely OBS to keep recording my stuff nice and smooth like i used to?"

And yeah, here you go, a few recent logs are attached, bandicam video is 90 secs long and lies here to be deleted as soon as problem solves:

And yeah, thank you, i know you will try to help. Forum internet communities are way better than outside ones.


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a bit of update:
* i've turned on guest windows account, so i could test it there. And on other account it works and gets all the sound necessary which means problem is a bit more local.
So.. What could it be?


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upd: problem is solved, reason left unknown.
method: installed another OBS over the old one, that didnt work, backed up settings to a cloud storage, deleted OBS and everything it ever touched with "Revo Uninstaller"(pretty good soft btw) , then installed OBS once more and just pasted settings back.
Now everything works as it should so the post shall be closed now.
Though i still wonder about the reason.