no sound

  1. B

    Trying to record from VCR-No sound

    I am trying to record old vcr tapes and have the VC149 USB Video Capture cable. Videos play great and they play sound when I hook this VCR to my TV. Why is it not playing on my computer. I have searched and searched and wondering if anyone can help me? I have the VCR as the source, I have...
  2. M

    No sound while live streaming

    We live-stream our church services through OBS and have our pre-mixed sound come into the computer through the digital card on the sound board. It has worked well up until this past Sunday. there was no sound in the live stream, through monitoring headphones i could hear the sound, but in the...
  3. K

    Facebook Live From OBS Browser- picture only and no sound

    Hello OBS Forum members, my name is Kevin and I am a new member here. My question for you seasoned OBS users is how do I use the browser feature in OBS to do a live broadcast to Facebook or YouTube with sound? Using the browser in OBS saves on my CPU usage. I've tried this on a few occasions...
  4. V

    OBS randomly losing connection

    middle of stream dipped to 0/kbs, clicks stop streaming to restart it, clicks start stream and it crashes, after restarting I come back with no sound at all
  5. A

    Obs not detecting audio from Scarlett

    I have Mac mini 2012 and obs 27.1.3. Im using a Scarlett 2i2 for audio and obs detects interface but doesn’t detect sound. I have used same interface with MacBook and everything works fine. I run studio one on Mac mini and everything works fine just not on obs. I don’t know I have to download...
  6. sonicgalaxy27

    Game audio issues and lag help

    Hey everyone. I'm currently stuck on the problem for 3 hours now. Everytime I record my video in OBS with my capture card, there is no game audio sound in my video file that I save. This is so freaking frustrating because of it and I really had enough with this issue. Is there a way to solve...
  7. G

    Blackmagic card: sound switches off

    I'm using OBS on a number of machines to do 24/7 live streaming, using the blackmagic SDI capture cards with embedded sound. All works initially but after a day or two, the source sound switches off. A work around is if I go to source properties, select eg HDMI and then select SDI again, the...
  8. H

    OBS streams - No sound on Twitch Live but there's sound on Facebook Live

    As the title implies, whenever I go live on Twitch, game sound and mic sound doesn't come out. But when I tried going live on Facebook, it works just fine. Going Live on Twitch [X] Game Sound [X] Mic Sound [O] Monitoring Going Live on FB [O] Game Sound [O] Mic Sound [O] Monitoring I've been...
  9. H

    OBS has monitor sound but no sound coming out of stream

    Here's the current log file: Good day! I'm fairly new to the community. I'm trying to go live right now but it seems that there's no audio coming out of my stream. I have my Elgato HD60 S+ on Monitor and Output (So I can hear my game sound), but no...
  10. D

    No Sound in Video Editor?

    As usual, I recorded a .mp4 video using OBS (no addons) with two sound tracks (so in a video editor the computer sound and mic sound are separate). Usually when I play the recording using Windows Media Player I can only hear the computer sounds, but when I pop it in Olive (version 0.1, my video...
  11. C

    OBS got interface-deaf for some reason

    Aight, here's the thing. I am using obs for quite a long time bcs it's the simplest and most effective streaming\recording software. In last 2 days i've recorded a few footages and while i was doing "cut the crap" procedures using vegas, i have seen some of the last footages having no sound. "Oh...
  12. H

    Obs not picking up audio from bluetooth

    I have Bose HP 700's and i can connect them with both bluetooth and aux.. most of the time im playing i use the aux.. and that works perfectly.. but sometimes like when playing wow and games like that that dont require the low latency i use bluetooth allso when i have to jump from my pc i use...
  13. A

    Video Capture Device Black Screen + No Sound

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times. I've deleted every setting and scene. I have run the program as an administrator. Nothing has worked thus far, and on top of a completely black screen, I also have absolutely no sound. I am using an off-brand Amazon capture card and have not had...
  14. R

    PS4 No Sound (Not what you think)

    So I have a capture card (Audio/Video 1080P 60FPS) am I am trying to stream from my PS4. I am able to get Video through just fine. I can not however get audio. I am trying to test it the most simple way, just using HDMI audio. I'm not even trying to get party chat audio at this point (I do have...
  15. S

    Recording without sound

    Hey guys, Today morning at 9 I made a recording which was perfectly fine. Then, at 1 pm I started another recording of 2 hours. Then I wanted to look whether everything was fine and noticed that there's no sound in the recording. I'm running OBS on Mac that's why I have a Multi-Output-Device (In...
  16. L

    Mirabox capture card does not have audio

    I have been dealing with problems with obs off and on all the time. And I when ever I want to stream or record using the capture card it acts like it doesnt want to work. Then it takes me hours to fix it. I had to made it work for a few hours the other day when I streamed on it...
  17. A

    No sound with OBS (Game)

    Whene i want record with obs , there isn't the game sound (I didn't change anything and it happened suddenly)(log )
  18. M

    Obs sound going off whenever i go on something else

    So I'm using obs and voicemeeter banana, the problem is when I go onto YouTube to start streaming (or even just Google) the sound goes off obs. It's only happens when i have voicemeeter open. Please help
  19. D

    Pioneer DDJ SZ2

    I have read many users ask the question why we can't sound out of the Pioneer DDJ SZ or SZ2 even though we have chosen the input as the SSZ. How do we fix this. This question has been posted over three months ago and not one person from OBS team has addressed it. Can someone please advise why...
  20. T

    Issues With Game Audio

    I have a problem and I feel like an idiot because there has to be something I've done wrong, but can't figure it out. I am trying to record The Sims 4 and my microphone simultaneously. Using a Rode Podcaster plugged in via USB direct to the computer, OBS is able to hear all computer audio...