No sound while live streaming

We live-stream our church services through OBS and have our pre-mixed sound come into the computer through the digital card on the sound board. It has worked well up until this past Sunday. there was no sound in the live stream, through monitoring headphones i could hear the sound, but in the live stream and on recordings through OBS i could not. Not sure what the solution is


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Monitoring Headphones connected to - OBS PC or mixer?
If headphones on OBS PC, and OBS Sound meter showed sound level (ie, not streamed nor recorded, but could OBS PC could 'hear' the audio), then first place I'd check is that someone didn't change
- In Advanced Oudio Properties is option of Output (to livestream/recording) vs Monitor (listen on OBS PC) or both. Maybe that changed to Monitor Only?

If OBS not getting audio? is OBS PC receiving audio signal (I always recommend troubleshooting Audio (and Video) input sources with OBS not running, using native OS tools/apps [make sure signal getting to OS first, then to OBS the App)
There was the normal monthly Operating System (OS) patches, and you may have received a hardware driver update as well.
Or at OS level, a permissions change on the audio device (blocking OBS access)?

if this doesn't answer your question, don't ignore the only pinned post in the forum about posting your OBS log so we can see your OBS setup (and possible problems)