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  1. R

    Question / Help Mic/Aux problem

    good evening or good morning depending on where you are I'm having an issue with my Mic/Aux the bar is moving but when I try to record I have no sound, But when I record using my desktop audio I get sound thank you for your time trying to fix this issue.
  2. U

    Question / Help My desktop audio has disappeared

    Hi, I was going to start recording when i noticed that my desktop audio wasn't there anymore. I tested some things out and when i recorded for a bit i couldn't hear my game audio at all. i would like to know how to get the desktop audio back. i have no idea what happened but here is a screenshot...
  3. L

    Question / Help Audio not being recorded

    Hey guys, I desperately need some help. So, I've got this one problem that my game sound is not being recorded, even though Obs shows me that there is sound. I've been searching everywhere for a solution, but even after reading posts and forums about the exact same problem, nothing changed. My...
  4. AFavreau

    Question / Help No sound from audio interface

    My Audio Interface, the RME FireFace800, appears in OBS and I can select as a source. However, no audio is received, I'm not sure why. I tried input 1 and 7, but it's the same. Is there a setting somewhere I'm suppose to set in OBS? Or something in my Interface? Thanks for your help
  5. G

    Question / Help No audio on stream or recording, only on monitor

    Hey! So, this issue is really weird, and every solution I've found so far hasn't fixed the issue. I can hear the audio locally when I am monitoring ("monitor and output") the sound - regardless of source. I have an audio file, two NDI sources (Skype), desktop audio, and a microphone. All of...
  6. D

    Question / Help No Audio on OSX with third party soundcard.

    Hey I am trying to set up live streaming for a DJ mix session. I have a UAD Apollo Twin sound card connected via firewire and my speaker are connected to this. I select it as a in the preferences in Audio> Devices > Mic/Aux Audio. As it does not show up un Desktop Audio even though this is my...
  7. P

    Question / Help When streaming, no audio thorugh twitch but people in game can hear me.

    Not sure why this is happening, if it helps I use two tracks when recording. But the output for streaming is set to one track. And the mic/aux is popping up like it is responging. Just strange. Any advice? The mic is the default on the computer and in obs. Also it records fine with it...
  8. C

    Question / Help Everything works perfectly in my stream, but theres no game sound.

    So as I said in the title, my stream is pretty flawless and this was working a few days ago. Yesterday when I tried streaming, apparently my game sound wasnt going through for whatever reason and I dont know why.
  9. R

    Question / Help Capture Card + Sound Interface (Problem with Sound)

    Hey guys, I hope you help me and my business. I work for a big company here in Brazil and we're having some problems to make our streamings. WHAT WE HAVE: - Dell Laptop i7, 16GB, 120 SSD, Nvidia Geforce - Camera: Vixia Canon HF R800 (automatically 1080 60fps HDMI output) - Capture Card...
  10. G

    Question / Help Yeti Mic appears to be working in OBS but not in Twitch

    Had an issue with a Twitch stream last night with my Yeti microphone. It was set as Mic in OBS and as Mic on my computer sound settings. The mic was working outside of OBS, and was reacting in OBS. Everything looked good. However, the audio could not be heard on Twitch. I then realized that the...
  11. S

    Question / Help No sound/audio?

    Hey guys, first time poster/user here! My boyfriend is trying to stream onto twitch using OBS, PS4 and an Elgato HD60 (and Elgato Chat Link). It was working fine, and then he updated OBS to 22.0.1 and now there is no sound being picked up at all. We've set all audio to the Elgato Line, and made...
  12. B

    Question / Help Obs Studio , Video macht kein Sound auf Desktop !

    Hallo Community ich habe ein kleines Problem mit OBS Studio ( normal nutze ich OBS Classic ) und Leider muss ich sagen ja es ist nicht gut ( Studio ) , es gibt keine Tutorials wie man den Sound oder Spur richtig einstellt , Habe vor ein paar tagen ein Video hinzugefügt und komme " Egal "...
  13. S

    Question / Help OBS Randomly Not Recording Audio

    Hello, I'm currently trying to record audio from various different console devices. Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo switch. Absolutely randomly, my recordings will be output with no audio. I've checked all audio settings each time I start up OBS and they are perfectly fine and valid. As...