PS4 No Sound (Not what you think)


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So I have a capture card (Audio/Video 1080P 60FPS) am I am trying to stream from my PS4. I am able to get Video through just fine. I can not however get audio. I am trying to test it the most simple way, just using HDMI audio. I'm not even trying to get party chat audio at this point (I do have link cable). I have monitor and output set in the settings of OBS so I can hear the audio from my OBS dashboard...... No sound. Perfect video quality. when I unplug the HDMI from the capture device and put back in TV, sound comes out of the TV just fine. I just want to get Audio from the PS4 into my stream via HDMI.

I have the settings in the PS4 set as follows: Devices: Output Device TV or AV Amplifier, Sound & Screen: HDMI OUT, Audio Format Linear PCM

I have no headset plugged into my controller.

Please help, I'm not sure what to do.

I have tried in multiple different capture devices (3 total) and none pick up the audio.