Recording without sound


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Hey guys,
Today morning at 9 I made a recording which was perfectly fine.
Then, at 1 pm I started another recording of 2 hours.
Then I wanted to look whether everything was fine and noticed that there's no sound in the recording. I'm running OBS on Mac that's why I have a Multi-Output-Device (In my case it's called "Multiausgangsgerät").
So all of the 2 hours of recording had no sound. That's pretty annoying.
When I closed the program OBS after the recording, I was maybe too quick and had a notification that if I would close the program now, everything would be lost. Then, by mistake, I clicked "yes" instead of no... Shame on me. But I guess by the time I had clicked there, the recording should have been saved already. If not, the video wouldn't be there, I guess? I'm relatively new to this so please excuse.

And yes, the video quality is on purpose that low, because I want to keep the file size as small as possible and the frame rate is enough for me.

This is the log file to the last session where it happened:

I appreciate your help!