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As usual, I recorded a .mp4 video using OBS (no addons) with two sound tracks (so in a video editor the computer sound and mic sound are separate). Usually when I play the recording using Windows Media Player I can only hear the computer sounds, but when I pop it in Olive (version 0.1, my video editor) I can hear and edit both tracks. This time though, something weird happened.

When I played back the recording in Windows Media Player I could only hear the mic sound, not the computer sound as I usually can. Then when I popped it in my Video Editor (Olive 0.1) I couldn't hear anything. The video worked fine, but neither audio track worked and it wouldn't show the audio levels on the timeline (the waves signifying volume, no idea what they're officially called). I tried other recordings from the day before an dafter and they worked fine. I did not change any settings between recordings, but for some reason the other videos worked and this one didn't. After a bunch of tries and playing around it started displaying the volume levels on the timeline (in the editor), but the audio still wouldn't play.

The stuff that I tried to do is creating a copy and moved it to a different folder, changed the extension name of the copy from .mp4 to .mp3 (when I did that it would only play mic audio in Windows Media Player, but still no audio in Olive). The game I was recording was Warface. This was my first (and last) time playing so perhaps the game bugs out OBS?

Please help? It's a 3.5 hours long recording which I really need, especially the audio. If you have any questions or need more info, please write a comment. Thanks!

Edit 1: When opening the file in VLC the video works and I can switch between the two tracks - both work just fine.


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Edit: I made a mistake: I wasn't using Windows Media Player, but instead "Films & TV" - the default Windows 10 viewing app.