Mirabox capture card does not have audio


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I have been dealing with problems with obs off and on all the time. And I when ever I want to stream or record using the capture card it acts like it doesnt want to work. Then it takes me hours to fix it. I had to made it work for a few hours the other day when I streamed on it
I have done these steps and I dont get sound.
If anyone can help me with this.
OBS might be free but there are so many problems with it.


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Yeah same, ever since I update the obs software, it's not working for capture sound, I been trying to fix it, but still doesn't work


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I too have a similiar issue with the mirabox. A dream to work with, but the default settings dont have audio. Trying to figure it out


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Been having this problem with my PS3 where I had video but no audio. Even bought an HDMI selector thinking that was the problem. Needed one anyways. Found a solution elsewhere, and I'm hoping it works for everyone else as well having a similar problem. In my case, I went to the sound settings on my PS3, set the sound source to HDMI, chose Manual for setup, deselected Dolby and selected AAC, saved the settings. So, for some, it may be that your source is putting out the wrong way.


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I bought the mirabox type-c usb3.1 Capture Card HSV3217 and audio is a pain in the socket. I have a dual pc setup custom built gaming and a hp envy23 aio for streaming. One hdmi in to the hsv3217 and back to my monitor. Obs sees the mirabox but I can not see the audio input.


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are u running Voicemod? just deleted it and ALL my audio returned ...OBS and PRISM hab both been failing audio..grrrrrrrr


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My model number is HSV325
While using my Mirabox with a Vodafone TV Decoder (STB-VFTV-GEN2-SOLO) I lost sound on almost all tv channels. An update of the decoder switched the default audio from STEREO SOUND TO DOLBY SOUND. My TV uses Android 8.0 "Built with stereo 2.0 and 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound". Once I entered the decoder settings and set the audio to STEREO the problem was resolved.
Have more recent models of Mirabox provided a solution for DOLBY SOUND? Has anyone had a problem with Mirabox not processing DOLBY SOUND?