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    Question / Help Sound issues with OBS and Twitch

    Hello, i have some sound issues during the stream. I stream League of Legends and i listen to music in Spotify. My problem is that if i am Live the sound basically laggs. So the music and ingame sound is playing and than in the Stream there is no continuous normal sound because there are gaps...
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    Question / Help Annoying (high pitched) peeping noise - as long as OBS is running

    On my headphones it took me a while to discover, but on my boxes it came to me. I started OBS and a really high pitched peeping sound occurs as long as the programm is running. Gladly i can just mute the programm in the windows sound mixer since it only needs the audio input, but I guess this...
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    Question / Help Sound Problems

    Hello, sorry for my bad English. If you do not understand something then please write it in. My problem: Whenever I open OBs and have YT music open, for example, I always have a clunk in my headphones. If I close OBs but this is gone. I hope someone can help me Thank you very much Florian
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    Question / Help Extremely low sound on stream

    Hey guys! So my friend have this really weird problem. When he is streaming you can barely hear the game volume when you're watching his stream, but you can hear us talking on discord and all the other sounds. The thing is, everything worked fine yesterday when he was streaming (except some...
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    Bug Report 64 Bit OBS Not working with displays, but 32 bit works fine.

    The 64bit version of the software will recognize, but not allow for recording/display of my mointors. Will work with game capture, but display captrue will not. 32 bit version, however, works just fine. Not sure why. Attaching logs.
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    Bug Report Sound Bug???

    Hello guys, i tried everything to fix my problem .. in my stream i got ever 3-10 min. a bug that my sound is comepletly gone and the people cant hear me ... that problem stays than fpr 2-3 sec. and is gone than. i tried everything stream with grafficcard instead of processor because much people...