Why obs reduce sound on discord ?


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hi everyone

I was playing with friend and decided to record the game with obs
so I call my friend on discord , launch obs and then his voice on discord was really low , compared to other time so I augmented the volume of his voice to 200% but even then it was still really low
anyway , we played , and after the game , when I closed obs , the sound on discord become normal again
so I made some test , ans it seem to reduce only the sound of discord , nothing else , music , movie , game .. all fine

why ?


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I have this problem too... Every time I have opened discord, a game(any), and OBS at the same time, the stereo of the discord voice chat (friends in chat voice) was missing or bugged and turns into a low and blurry voice/audio without stereo. And it seems to be very annoying to always ALT+TAB change windows back to discord and refresh it by disconnect the voice channel and rejoin it. Why would it happen???? How to fix help????? Help needed!!!!!!!!


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Hey Guys, I've had the same problem. It was driving me crazy but I've finally found a working solution, at least for me. All I had to do was disable an audio software called Nahimic, then all of my problems just disappeared! If you don't have this particular software, it might be worth trying to disable a similar software.