voice chatting

  1. N

    Why obs reduce sound on discord ?

    hi everyone I was playing with friend and decided to record the game with obs so I call my friend on discord , launch obs and then his voice on discord was really low , compared to other time so I augmented the volume of his voice to 200% but even then it was still really low anyway , we...
  2. watdahecc

    Trying To Have Friend's Audio On Stream

    I'm trying to do a Minecraft stream with one of my friends and I'd like to have their voice on stream. I'm streaming from my Nintendo Switch. I was thinking of using the Xbox Companion App. How can I have the voice of my friends in my stream? Log Files: https://obsproject.com/logs/CsxpZyOF166KTgiH
  3. C

    Question / Help i want to record discord game chat in my OBS recording..

    I'm trying to record my gameplay and discord audio at the same time.. Right now when I stream I can hear my friend and myself (which is awesome!) but if I record thru OBS I can barely hear my friend (thru Discord) on the recording. Any thoughts on how to combine our Discord Audio on a...
  4. D

    Question / Help Need ALL audio from PS4 (gameplay, party chat, voice) sent to my OBS Twitch Stream

    I need help getting all my audio through to my Twitch Stream via OBS. I want all the audio that is in my headset to be a part of my stream for my viewers. I have tried with a USB headset (in PS4 usb port) and found that unsuccessful. Now, I have purchased a wired headset to try. Sending audio...

    Question / Help IshowU audio capture/OBS/fortnite/iMAC/

    http://obsproject.com/downloads/obs-24.0.3-installer-catalina-fix-02.dmg @dodgepong This new OBS installer is fine but there's still some issues with the desktop audio, It stays disabled, I tried downloading the IshowU capture app and it worked perfectly, it red my desktop audio, my mic was...
  6. K

    Question / Help Use what OBS records from my camera's microphone as audio input for voice chatting

    Hello! A newbie here. I bought the app iOS Camera for OBS and I would to use it as a webcam, of course Win10 can't recognize it as a webcam so I'm using OBS VirtualCam plugin and they are working very good together, but there is a problem with the audio. Win10 doesn't recognize OBS as a...