discord audio

  1. A

    Audio through virtual webcam, not through microphone

    I'm using the virtual webcam feature to stream to a discord server, using discord's capture card streaming method. I know how to have the stream audio come through my microphone using virtual audio cable, but is there a way for it to come through the virtual webcam itself (so on discord the...
  2. R

    Pick up muted Discord microphone

    I'm pretty new to OBS and cannot figure something out that unfortunately seems to be a pretty uncommon problem. My boyfriend and I would like to stream together, but we're close enough to each other irl that we can hear each other talk. We however do wanna use two mics to get the best possible...
  3. skiwi

    OBS Recording ONLY Mic, No Game or Discord Audio

    So I updated OBS yesterday because me and my friends are trying to make a youtube channel, and I had watched a few videos and was sure I had gotten most of what I needed down. I have multiple audio and video outputs made and I made a test video last night of everything working, however tonight...
  4. K

    why friend audio from discord sounds robotic in the middle of the stream

    For some reason, the voices of my friends from discord start to sound robotic suddenly in the middle of the stream, but mine and other music/game audio sound fine? and this doesn't happen every stream too. I wonder what the issue could be? if its because of my internet, I can hear them perfectly...
  5. N

    Discord voice chat sounds weird in OBS recording.

    Discord voice chat sounds crystal clear through my headset, but when I watch a video I recorded with OBS, my friends all sound echoey. It's the same after I separated my discord, game, and my mic audios. It's got to be something in the settings. Maybe mismatching audio bitrates between discord...
  6. D

    How to Hear/Pickup Discord audio?

    Good Afternoon, The primary issue I seem to be running into is making sure that those in my discord chat are able to be heard when I'm recording/streaming. If OBS is closed, I can hear discord just like normal with my headset and use my headset mic. it's an arctis pro wireless, if that matters...
  7. S

    Help with streaming through discord

    I've been having a very specific problem with using OBS to stream a nintendo switch through discord with an Elgato HD60, and I've stumbled across a solution by accident but I've forgotten the exact method of how to do it. Basically: I want to stream with the switch through discord but I don't...
  8. J

    Help. Stream someone else's computer screen and audio?

    Hello. My name is Joshua. I am looking to run a stream from my office with OBS and allow a remote guest to not only join the stream with a mic and webcam, but also share their computer screens and sounds. They would be using digital audio workstations (DAWs) and plugins in them. The closest...
  9. Sagel

    Audio not being picked up in discord

    Hi! My girlfriend and I are wanting to stream her Nintendo switch across discord using obs. We've figured out how to use the virtual camera however there appears to be no audio and we don't really know why. We have never used obs before so we wouldn't know how audio works anyway with these kind...
  10. G

    Multiple audio sources

    i used this Blackhole software to capture my monitor audio and it works perfectly, but I would like to control every audio source separately. For example i would like to mute/unmute my discord chat without muting a youtube video i am watching during a stream.
  11. S

    help! When trying to set up audio from discord to obs, it only makes a weird squeaking noise.

    so obs is up to date, and discord and my soundboard (ableton) are in the same audio output (multi output device). i can hear everything that comes from ableton just fine, but the discord audio is super distorted. It happens when ableton is closed and the audios are separate, but no matter what...
  12. Y

    Discord coming through mic

    My friend started streaming on twitch but my voice is coming through his mic & desktop audio on stream but his game is not , haven't been able to find a fix considering we both stream with the same obs settings (almost) and have the same headset. Any idea how to fix this ? here's his log file...
  13. Dramaslittlesister

    Hall (Echo) bei der Mikroaudioausgabe bei Benutzung von Discord während des Streams

    Hey ihr Lieben! Ich streame seit ein paar Monaten und habe folgendes Problem; Jedes mal, wenn ich Discord während des Streams nutze, um mit Freunden beim Zocken zu reden, habe ich plötzlich einen Hall bzw. ein Echo, aber nur meine Stimme betreffend. Wenn ich streame, ohne in einem Discord...
  14. H

    Does someone know a fix to this problem?

    When i am trying to record discord it sounds fine but then when i see the final video they voices sound echoy does someone know a solution for this problem please? and thank you
  15. D

    Why my OBS make discord voice chat bugged without stereo and lowered sound?

    I have this problem too... Every time I have opened discord, a game(any), and OBS at the same time, the stereo of the discord voice chat (friends in chat voice) was missing or bugged and turns into a low and blurry voice/audio without stereo. And it seems to be very annoying to always ALT+TAB...
  16. N

    Why obs reduce sound on discord ?

    hi everyone I was playing with friend and decided to record the game with obs so I call my friend on discord , launch obs and then his voice on discord was really low , compared to other time so I augmented the volume of his voice to 200% but even then it was still really low anyway , we...
  17. S

    Sound settings

    Hey Im new to streaming and I really like it but sometimes Im on discord with friends while I stream and I have push to talk so stream doesnt hear me when I talk to friends but I realized that the stream can hear them and idk how to prevent that. Is there a setting where stream hears the game...
  18. P

    Discord sounds not working???

    I was streaming with obs and realized that my stream can't hear my friend on discord why is that?
  19. P

    Recording discord call issues

    Hello there! So I'll just get straight to the point, I am able to record my discord audio (like the other person talking) perfectly fine, but it doesn't record my audio/me talking, I'm assuming this is because both discord and obs are trying to capture my audio at the same time but I don't know...
  20. P

    Recording discord calls

    Hello there! So I'll just get straight to the point, I am able to record my discord audio (like the other person talking) perfectly fine, but it doesn't record my audio/me talking, I'm assuming this is because both discord and obs are trying to capture my audio at the same time but I don't know...