Broken audio when playing pre recorded videos


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I'm doing some testing for a concert that I'm broadcasting in a few weeks that involves pre-recorded videos being played.

The issue is with the pre-recorded videos, the audio is utterly broken when they're played and I can't for the life of me work out why.

Here's a link because I'm unable to upload an example:

I've attached my audio settings as well as my various logs.

Thanks in advance!


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Have you tried the following (yes, I know this shouldn't be necessary)
In advance of streaming/recording, Go thru your scenes/sources and play all Media Sources (at least start them, maybe skip thru them quickly (if you are using Media Controls plug-in)
- now try again...

I, too ran into the issue of the pre-recorded video file being just fine. But the first time after opening OBS and playing each video, a portion of them would glitch at the beginning. Pre-playing fixed issue. This was on fast computer, with fast SSD (but possible corporate security s/w causing problem) ... so... anyway, the work-around I used.