Sound not picking up!


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Recently I've been trying to record footage for future videos via FL Studio however I've come across a minor problem regarding the audio output on my desktop. I've been a producer for several years now and in older versions of OBS sound has been picking up via desktop audio (meaning audio from other applications of course) but lately I don't see it pick up anything. I've even tried changing the audio device on both OBS and the DAW I use (FL Studio) I've even went to my computer's system setting to change the audio there to see if I may have done something wrong. Unfortunately, I haven't the slightest clue what I need to do because it looks fine to me when I've tried all these other methods. It might be that the DAW I use but again I've tried changing its audio and nothing seems to work! I need some advice or tips to fix this minor issue I have so I may continue to record my content for YouTube. Thanks a bunch for anyone who has a solution!!