1. Lewzke

    DJ headphone channel downmixes to the stream

    Dear streamers, My problem is when I set the OBS to 2.0 channel sound output, the OBS downmixes my DJ listening channel too to the output. And that is bad for me. I only want the first two channel to my stream. I can only stream when I set the output to 4.0 (my DJ mixer native channel) and I use...
  2. K

    Recorded Audio is not great

    Recorded audio sounds scratchy and as if the speakers are underwater Running Xbox one X Elgato HD60 S+ MSI Gl65 Leopard OBS to stream I've tried reading through some common problems and I've made sure no surround sound is on... Bit rate I think is okay... Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. C

    Restart OBS Pop-up when ever switching between two profiles with different audio channel types.

    Sort of like when setting up a profile and changing the channel type eg stereo to mono, OBS will prompt you to restart. I want this feature to also be there for when you switch to a profile with a different audio channel configuration than the previous one that was enabled. I have noticed that...
  4. F

    Problem audio in Windows 10 in Mac with Bootcamp

    Hi everyone! I've been getting troubles trying to get audio for streaming but I'm not hearing anything. I'm using MacBook 2018 Pro Bootcamp and use OBS Studio in Windows 10. The speakers works (it's a 2.1 speaker connected to Mac using 3.5 mm Jack) and I listen the game/window/whatever. But the...
  5. S

    Separate Audio outputs

    Hello. I’m looking for some advice. I’m new to the streaming revolution. I have a basic set up. I will detail it bellow. To get to the point of my question though... I would like to be able to record my game (let’s say COD warzone). Both audio and visual. I would also like to record my...
  6. Keanshi

    Audio glitching while streaming

    Hello, I'm using a wireless headset for my mic in obs, and I'm currently having bad audio glitches when I stream It happens every couple of minutes. My mic is wireless and is connected through a USB transmitter via USB 2.0. I am not using default mic setting either. Here is a clip of it here...
  7. R

    microphone audio popping

    Hi guys, I've recently developed an audio issue that is showing on my microphone but not other audio sources. I've had it appear when changing a scene but once its there i cant get rid of it. It shows up in recordings and streams but not if i monitor the audio channel through headphones and i...
  8. Z

    Weird Screech noise just after I speak

    While and slightly after I speak there is a kind of screeching noise. It has been really bugging me and have no idea as to why this is happening. Any help will be appreciated. Example of the problem:
  9. D

    OBS Nintendo Switch Gameplay Audio

    Hey everyone, So just going to try and explain it and hopefully someone can help as this is extremely annoying and I would like to fix ASAP. So I like to stream games from PS4 and nintendo switch. When the elgato capture card HD60S+ is connected to the ps4 the gameplay audio is fine and easy...
  10. Bagny89

    Audio (of a video) shown in OBS is not heard correctly

    Hi everyone. My problem is as follows: After adding a media source (in my case a video), the audio of this video is not playing. I need this because using the OBS Virtual Camera in Google Meet, sometimes I have to show videos through OBS, but I have the problem that the audio of these videos...
  11. L

    Newbie question 1 - Start scene with only Image and Media sources but records my microphone audio input ... Normal ? Best practices ?

    Hello there OBS Forum ! Today is my first OBS day and I have lots to learn and discover, so there will be lots of questions are here's the first one : - I have a "Start" scene with only "Image" and "Media" as sources; but it also records my microphone audio input. --> Is this normal ? --> Is...
  12. B

    OBS only records audio of applications opened before it

    I use OBS to stream but also to record podcasts. My audio settings are fine as far as I can tell reading other support questions, but if I open OBS before Discord, or switch games in the middle of a stream for examples - the mixer will show that it hears the audio, but won't bother to record it...
  13. A

    Can't hear streamelements alert sounds through headphones

    Hi all, when an alert from streamlabs comes through I can see that the sound is being played through obs on the audio mixer, but i can't hear it through my headphones. I will try my best to describe how i have it set up: In the browser source for the alert i have ticked "control audio via...
  14. B

    Mic Audio Issues (echo)

    I'm getting a constant mic feedback with slight latency and its driving me crazy. In advanced audio settings everything is set to monitor off. All correct devices are set to use. Idk whats left to try, the echo seem to be inherent to Call of Duty: War Zone. I've messed with system settings, game...
  15. D

    Filters from media source does not correctly carry over to Mix/Aux

    As the title say, for some reason when I use media source to see what filters I need on an unfiltered video, the same filters makes the audio when recording awful: The noise gate cuts almost everything and other filters twists my voice in weird ways. I'm not sure if this is due to me using a...
  16. A

    Mac Desktop-Audio using BlackHole

    This is a guide on how to get desktop audio into obs or other applications on macs. This will be done using Blackhole audio. 1. Download here (note, you will have to put in your email but that is to get the download link, if you would not like to use an email you can install using homebrew by...
  17. SnappyTeam

    Free Snap - Grab Current Song From Media Players

    Ever noticed how sadly Snip by dlrudie doesn't support Winamp, FooBar2000, or even VLC Media Player? What if you wanted to use these media players instead? Well this is where Snap comes into play. Inspired by Snip (but doesn't use any source-code from them!) we created a program to do just...
  18. 700hours

    Free Audio Over IP 1.1

    INTRO AOIP was produced to solve my own problem of minimal desk space and, while having the requisite speakers to plug into a monitor, not having enough space for them. As you might imagine there was audio that needed to be shared in a local setting. Fortunately enough I have a small network...
  19. L

    Audio recording while speakers are muted in Kubuntu

    Hi! I am trying to record video with sound while my speakers are muted. In this case no sound is captured. Is there an option how to record video with sound while my speakers are muted? this is a new issue for me in Kubuntu 20.10. Thanks!
  20. tja

    Audio Issue on restart

    Hey We've got the problem at our church, that the audio input, which comes from a USB Audio Interface is working, but every time you restart the computer the audio isn't working anymore, until you click at the settings icon of the audio channel in obs. Does anyone know this issue and does anyone...