1. R

    Question / Help Microphone silenced when switching to game window while recording

    Hi all, I'm using my headset's microphone to record my commentary by setting that microphone as the device for "mic/aux" in the Mixer window. When i watch my recording back though, it seems that my voice is picked up fine until i switch to the game window. Then, the game audio is being recorded...
  2. A

    Hotkeys for filters

    I've added a reverb VST to my microphone, but when I'm streaming/recording I want this to only be active while I'm singing & not while talking. Currently I'd have to go into the audio filter settings each time and click the eye icon. Ideally I should be able to use a hotkey to toggle the filter...
  3. deltasierra

    Question / Help [AUDIO] 2-person stream w/ Scarlett 6i6

    A buddy and I want to set up a stream together. We have our PCs set up in the same room and use a third dedicated streaming PC. In terms of audio, our idea is to use something like the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 in lieu of a more involved mixer setup for streaming, recording and monitoring purposes...
  4. B

    Question / Help OBS inative source audio muted.

    Hello there, I need assistance please! When using my OBS only the active source (preview item) audio is active with the rest muted but i want for instance the audio of a camera to still be playing even if its not active in the preview.
  5. A

    Question / Help Record/Listen to Internet Radio, Audio using a VST Plugin as filter.

    I recently downloaded OBS and tried this having followed a link, but became befuddled with the settings. Simply put is there a preset? ie. browser / internet radio in -> vstplugin filter -> wav/ogg/aac/mp4/opus etc out.....?
  6. F

    Question / Help How can I increase my volume in OBS without clipping?

    So recently, I've noticed that when I record a video in OBS and move it to Premiere Pro, it's very quiet. I understand I could just increase the volume (in either program), but by doing so the audio distorts, peaks, clips etc. Is there a way I can increase the volume in OBS without distorting...
  7. O

    Question / Help How to mix the game volume with shortcuts ?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a simple and practical solution to mix the audio of my live streams without necessarily going through a dedicated mixing interface. The idea would be to be able to adjust the sound of a game or any other windows sources on the fly with a simple keyboard shortcut. A...
  8. BicycleOfDeath

    Question / Help OBS 22.x - 23.1 Intermittent Chopping Audio

    Shortly after the clip posted, you'll hear the intermittent audio chopping. It happens on all games from modern to classic DOOM with very low resource usage. VIDEO CLIP LOG FILE I do use Voice Meter Banana. Every option has been verified @ 48khz stereo on all hardware/software. Stream audio is...
  9. W

    Any way to delay mic input/output to OBS ONLY?

    I have a program that is lip syncing an avatar to my mic audio. But the visual of the program lags behind a bit. Is there a way for me to delay when ONLY OBS picks up my mic? I've put a delay on the mic as a whole but that still results in the same desync, as the other program is getting the...
  10. R

    Free AppVolumeHotkeys v2.0.1

    What is "AppVolumeHotkeys"? AppVolumeHotkeys is an application that lets you control the volume of an application which is listed in Windows' volume mixer. Its written in C# and is using the CSCore Audio Library found here! How to set it up Simply select the desired application from the drop...
  11. C

    Question / Help Stream Audio Clipping/Stuttering Issue

    For the life of me I can't figure this out. I've tried countless methods of fixing this however for some reason this audio bug occurs during my stream randomly. It's been causing my stream no small amount of annoyance and I don't know what to do about this. I've tried removing the overclock on...
  12. S

    Question / Help Logi H600 headset audio not creating any sound...

    Hello, I was wanting to try and create a video and try and test things out with my video, audio, and all the sorts. My only problem at this moment is that in the latest OBS Studio I have it appears when I set all default settings for the mic/aux to my Logitec H600 headset, I see the little audio...
  13. OpenBayou

    Question / Help OBS sees my mixer but no audio

    Hello, I'm new at OBS and having problems getting my mixer to work with OBS. My mixer is an Alesis MultiMix 8 USB 2.0 on a Windows 7 PC using USB. It's using the current drivers and OBS sees my mixer as 'Alesis USB Audio - Line in (WDM version number). When I play audio through my mixer...
  14. G

    Question / Help [Resolved] Issue with game audio out of sync.

    Hey everyone. I noticed recently that my game audio is out of sync with my mic/discord audio by about 10 seconds. (Note: Some profanity in the video) If you watch this clip at around 30 seconds into the video, a fight starts and by the time everyone is dead, the game hasn't even started...
  15. W

    Question / Help Discord mic bleed through

    Alright, when I record with my friend his audio bleeds through my mic form my headset and when I re-watch the video I can hear him twice. Please help
  16. J

    Question / Help Issue with Audio Monitoring Drifting over Time

    I have two capture devices, "Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen 1" and "Magewell USB Capture HDMI PLUS". When I use the PLUS with the XRGB video format and its audio device set up with the "Use custom audio device" option in the video capture source properties, then the monitored audio from that...
  17. M

    Question / Help Dual PC Audio Issue: All audio from my Gaming PC is going out to my stream perfectly fine except my game sounds, which I can hear?

    Like the title suggests, I have a dual PC stream setup and all the audio is working fine outside of game. My stream can hear music playing, web browser, etc., but whenever I boot Apex Legends in fullscreen, the game audio just doesn't send to my stream. I can hear it fine with my headphones, but...
  18. Hequin

    Question / Help Indistinguishable Quality with multiple audio tracks

    Im trying to locally record Rainbow 6 Siege with indistinguishable quality with multiple audio tracks. Im basically trying to figure out what settings to do in advance to get around the same framerate that I get with indist.. so I can use multiple audio tracks. Specs: Ryzen 5 1500x 8gb DDR4...
  19. L

    Question / Help No desktop audio

    Ever since around the end of December I have been having issues with the desktop audio to where it shows that it is picking up the audio but it doesn't. Whats worse is that sometimes it does work, so as soon as I think I got it fixed, I get another video that I recorded for an hour with no...
  20. K

    Question / Help Mic cutting out during broadcast once or twice - issue?

    Hey everyone so here's the deal... My Blue Yeti microphone cuts in and out once or twice in a 3 hour stream. Unplugging the USB from the computer and plugging it back in it resolves the issue. Because I cant listen to my own audio while I stream I would like to do my best to avoid this problem...