1. V

    Split L/R channel to track

    I have a media source (incoming SRT with stereo sound. Left channel is Italian commentary and Right channel is English commentary. Then I have two OBS instances to restream with Italian (L channel only in advanced audio) and English (R channel only in advanced audio) to 2 Youtube streams. If I...
  2. Z

    Suddenly No Audio on VHS Transfers

    Good morning, I have been successfully transferring VHS footage through OBS, but suddenly it stopped transferring the audio. :'( Does anyone have ideas for troubleshooting this? I don't think I would have accidentally changed any settings, and I triple checked to make sure everything is set up...
  3. N

    audio is slightly sped up and crackling

    for the past 4 videos i tried recording the audio comes out normal but after a while the video beings to speed up slightly and and crackle through out the rest of the video. i have no idea why this is happening and i need this to stop, please help.
  4. K

    Can't Record/Stream Other Player when using Sonobus VST

    I use Sonobus and for live music sessions and am looking to record the audio/video of these sessions in OBS, and eventually stream live. I want to use Sonobus as the audio source in OBS, and have attempted to connect via the Sonobus VST plugin. I am doing something wrong, as all that...
  5. S

    Audio cuts in and out after upgrading CPU

    Hello, I recently upgraded my CPU and now I have audio issues in OBS. Audio from the capture card will play for a second or two and cut out for long periods of 30 seconds or more, play for another second, and then cut out again. In recordings the audio input from the mic and the desktop are...
  6. K

    No audio coming out from the desktop audio

    I was recording completely fine few days ago, butsuddenly when I record my game video, it shows display normally but without any sounds. Also I noticed OBS does not record my mic neither. The bars on the audio mixer are going left and right when detecting music or my vioce. I tried to see any...
  7. El Matador

    Stream 2 audio outputs for my own RTMP server?

    Hello, i have rtmp server on raspberry pi (nginx with rtmp plugin). I use it as a "middleman" for my streams to twitch (mainly because i can add fallback stream to increase delay without ending the stream to twitch or as a fallback ground when obs crash). When i stream to twitch directly from...
  8. N

    Audio Channel 1 seems to record ALL audio, even when I have it set to separate channels.

    Hello there! I'm new but I couldn't find my specific problem. I've started using different audio channels using the Application Audio Capture BETA, and it works great except for one weird issue...My "microphone" audio is always capturing my game audio (just in a much quieter amount). After some...
  9. X

    Alternatives for Audio Application Capture

    Hey, so i have the problem that i like to listen to music which i dont want to have captured on stream. Audio Application Capture ends up distorting the audio for the stream after about 30 min. Tried to fix it for weeks with a lot of stuff and after reinstalling windows and trying a wide...
  10. R

    Keep audio monitor synced while having the audio sent to OBS be desynced?

    Hello, I have a slightly odd capture solution (Elgato Game Capture HD for capturing video, using an easycap clone to capture analog audio, and while the Elgato is sending video back to another monitor) and I have the audio sent through OBS using Monitor and Output so I am actually able to hear...
  11. 2

    Audio-Qualität und "Auto-Upload"-Funktion?!

    Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Professionellen Recording-Tool, dass eine hohe Audioqualität bietet. Daher meine Frage an euch, welche Qualitätsoptionen ich in OBS zur Auswahl habe. Zudem noch eine kleine Frage am Rande, ob es eine "One-Klick-Upload"-Funktion für private/nicht...
  12. S

    Fallos de audio en stream!

    Buenas, llevo haciendo streams mas de 2 años y hace no mucho de diciembre a la fecha he tenido problemas de audio en la transmision, lo que sucede es lo siguiente: Los audios llamese juegos, discord, musica, etc, agenos a mi microfono despues de un tiempo de stream petardean o suenan con...
  13. K

    Best Settings for Electric Violin

    Hello, I am experimenting with my electric violin to make Youtube Live streams. Can someone advise me on the best audio settings? Thanks, Daniel
  14. N


    hi since the new update i've been having a weird clicking noise when using the audio application feature. I'm not very tech savvy but have included the video below to capture the audio issue. I have completely uninstalled obs and reinstalled it and i'm still having this issue.
  15. K

    Echo on audio

    I am using OBS for the first time and using it to record the contents of an old HD camcorder to my PC via HDMI and a video capture dongle. Everything is working OK, except I have an echo on the audio. Can anyone tell me what the problem may be please?
  16. D

    Audio Issues

    Hi, I work at a church, and we're having this issue of a consistent pop/crack sound throughout the stream, as well as the Pastor's voice (on a wireless headset) becoming robot/static. The strange part is that this only recently became an issue and only appears on the stream. In house and...
  17. F

    Help with audio on two streams

    Hello, I hope you all are great! I guess I have some kind of peculiar scenario here... I want to have two streams from the same computer. I have two monitors. I'll explain with a simple example: In one monitor I am watching a tutorial and on the other there's a conference. They both have their...
  18. W

    Need help with mic audio

    I've been using a razor siren mini with some filters for almost a year with OBS in regards to recording with no issues. I'm currently in a predicament where my audio has this low choppy lag at the beginning whenever I'm recording. I'd like to know if that's an issue on OBS or is it just my...
  19. M

    OBS 30.1.0 now supports multi-channel sources

    There have been many threads over the years about how to access channels beyond the first two for multi-channel sources, and the answer was always "use external software." OBS 30.1.0 has finally fixed this -- you can now turn off down-mixing and then select which two channels you want. You can...
  20. T

    1+ second audio delay on Elgato HD60X outputting to desktop audio

    I use the projector window in OBS to stream to a small Discord server with some friends. Because I'm streaming the projector window, the only way for me to play audio on the Discord stream is to set my capture device to output desktop audio. Unfortunately I'm seeing a 1+ second delay on audio...