1. B

    My recordings sound different than the way they should - Underwater

    So, I've been trying to use obs for a while now, and the only issue I've run into so far is that my recordings sound like they were captured underwater. I've Recorded Valorant, Ghostrunner, and Minecraft... They all have an undersea sound. Even my voice. Log file...
  2. Danisaurio01

    Problema de audio del juego

    Buenas a todos, tengo un problema con mi OBS y es que cuando hago directo el juego que grabo para el directo se escucha, pero cuando el directo se resube a Twitch se me oye a mi pero el juego no tiene audio.
  3. Ravenx8

    OBS Python OBS Recording Demuxer 1.0.1

    I was tired of having to extract my audio tracks from the recording so I can separate them out when video editing. I couldn't find anything that would do what I needed it to do so I decided to make this script. Requires obs-websocket (To get the recording file name) Requires ffmpeg to be...
  4. T

    VLC Media Source Sound Not Ending After Scene Change

    Hey all So I have a VLC Video Source in my "Starting Soon" scene that plays clips of highlights from my stream. The problem is that when I change to any scene that doesn't have that source, the sound continues to play for another 3-4 seconds. I originally had a few errors in my log about some...
  5. O

    OBS Studio, Digital Webcam, Piano, Zoom and Headaches on MacBook Pro M1 (late 2021)

    I have been using OBS Studio on my Lenovo Thinkpad for a while now and am fairly comfortable with it when using with Zoom, Google Meet, etc using an external camera and ivCam. But I am now trying to help my daughter, who has visual impairments from a TBI, use Zoom to stream video for her piano...
  6. Taser9001

    Issue with Audio Tracks

    I stream shiny hunting on Twitch, and like to upload the highlights to my YouTube. However, what I tend to do is edit the highlights, add memes, silly music, that sort of thing, so what I always do is record multiple audio tracks, so I am able to remove all desktop audio from the recording...
  7. parsivan

    Audio problem help!

    Hi My setup: I have a school laptop with i3-10110U processor and intel UHD graphics that i use with a Behringer UMC1820 sound card that i connect using asio plugin to obs. I have 5 mics so 5 inputs sometimes 6. This setup has worked fine enough for school project. It's a podcast for the school...
  8. T

    El sonido de la grabación suena muy mal

    Hola a todos, me gustaría pedir ayuda con una situación que estoy pasando Resulta que cuando grabo un vídeo en OBS, al momento de pasar el archivo a un editor de video, cuando lo reproduzco el audio suena muy mal. Las pistas están separadas, cuando suena solo el sonido del juego, tiene una...
  9. AyRatul

    OBS Python OBS Basic Jumpcut 0.0.1

    Since i do jumpcuts on postproduction, and it takes me1 hour at least, i decided to make a simple script that i could configure to record videos with jumpcuts ¿How does it work? Enabled = if true then the script will work WHEN OBS IS RECORDING, you need to manually start/stop the recording...
  10. K

    Audio Unable to Record at 320kbps

    My recordings from OBS never seem to record audio higher than 192kbps, despite the settings being set for 320kbps. Been playing with this for a while. I am using a Rode NT2A condensor mic with a Focusrite scarlet interface. Here are my OBS settings: Here is a typical recording at 192kbps...
  11. B

    Issue with Media source playing

    I have a media source (audio file) that plays when I switch to a specific scene. Problem is, when it plays, both through normal playback and while streaming, I get a popping and almost choppy disruption throughout it. The file plays fine outside of OBS, WMP works normally. Could it be some...
  12. K

    Live streaming Violin on OBS

    Does anyone have some advice about ideal settings for livestreaming violin solo with a loud volume and frequency range of 196 hz - 3.5 khz and 78-95 dB I use a Blue Yeti mic and I'm specifically looking for parameters to set the mic filter settings (compressor, noise gate, etc). I already know...
  13. P

    Microphone Audio Issue

    I just purchased the Logitch G X Pro Wired headset. After plugging it in and updating everything, OBS was picking up my desktop audio properly, but for my microphone audio it picked up my mic AND the desktop audio… never used a headset with a mic built in like this for OBS how do i resolve this?
  14. P

    video capture card (VCC) - problems connecting

    Using a fairly low cost <£10 powered (USB 5V) VCC with loop through. I'm a relative newbie to obs and started by wanting to transfer recordings from my Humax pvr to my laptop. I spent many hours trying various settings on obs and laptop but had great difficulty getting audio with the video. When...
  15. K

    Select specific input from audio interface

    I'd like to know how I can select a specific input on my audio interface to stream/record in OBS. I want to select the loopback input on my Scarlett 8i6 which is input 9-10, and I can't figure out how to do it.
  16. DokiDoki

    Audio Help! No Game Capture Audio in OBS. Able to hear through Mixamp but no sign from OBS.

    See image for a diagram of my current setup to see how i have everything hooked up. I can hear my stream alerts and game through my Astro Mixamp but OBS isn't capturing the game audio of my PS5? (no issues with seeing the game just no audio being captured) I'm using: OBS Studio; Astro Mixamp...
  17. A

    Buzzing sound when I go live!

    OBS seems to be outputting me entire audio feed as a buzzing sound. Sometimes it works fine at the first 2 minutes of going live, but then it starts with the buzzing sound. Why is this happening and is there anyway to prevent this from happening?
  18. TARLoki

    Kein Ton bei Videos in Powerpoint

    Hi Zusammen, Ich habe eine Powerpoint Präsentation gebastelt, in der mehrere Videos eingebettet sind. Wenn ich nun während eines Stream die Videos starte, bleiben diese ohne Ton. Gibt es hier eine Einstellung, die ich machen kann, um das Problem zu beheben. Schöne Grüße, Loki
  19. J

    Double Overlaid Desktop Audio | Windows 10

    Hi, I have been experiencing an annoying issue with OBS whilst trying to record videos. I have set up a scene with a display capture recording my entire screen. The audio mixer is set to default with 'Desktop Audio' as a channel that is displaying sound movement on the scale when desktop...
  20. Zayaan

    Cannot hear my computer audio in my Head Set while OBS open

    I recently installed OBS Studio but I have a problem, I cannot hear any audio from my computer while OBS is open. I can hear when no other studio output device is connected via Bluetooth or wire, but when I connect my Pebble Zet Pro Wireless Bluetooth Head Set, I cannot hear any audio. And also...