1. S

    Crackling/Popping sound every hours ( since I installed Wave Link )

    Hello, I have had a sound problem since December 2023: When I stream, my audio crackles every hour on my stream, then stops after a few minutes. I don't hear it personally but you can hear it on my stream I was capturing audio with win-capture-audio, which is a plugin to capture each source...
  2. J

    obs refusing to pick up my audio

    my support log is
  3. J

    Help! Mic Input Turns off Randomly in OBS

    Please help, I've been tearing my hair out for the past few weeks trying to fix this. I've got a Cam Link running my DSLR as a webcam in OBS, which is working great. My Shure MV7 mic is also plugged into the PC for audio, which also works great... Until the mic input randomly goes dead in OBS...
  4. Illuxiem

    Garbage Audio on in recordings

    When I stream, my audio is fine. When I record, my audio is utter garbage. I dont change any settings or hardware. Just lost a whole day of work from this. What its doing: audio cuts in and out randomly as if i have over filtered it or something. Is it possible to recover this even?
  5. D

    Issue when exporting audio

    If I want to record something, I don't have the audio from my mic and also not from the video, I am using in the background. When I have enabled monitoring, I can here myself as well as the video. But the file in the folder I export to, doesn't have any sound. Best regarts Tobias
  6. kbtommy

    Recorded video audio problem

    I used obs to record the video. But the audio is recorded like the picture below everywhere. I have multiple microphones in my studio, and only wireless microphones are experiencing this problem. But it's not like it's not recorded at all, and there's a little bit of sound left. The microphone...
  7. W

    Audio extremely loud

    Hello! Whenever I run OBS studio and any game at the same time, all the audio from my pc gets extremely loud in my ears. It happens whenever I run OBS and play audio from any game at all. As far as I'm aware, the loud audio does not carry over to stream or recordings, but it's so loud in my...
  8. K

    Microphone audio becomes muffled after second recording

    Hey. I'm losing my mind over this problem and I really hope someone can help. I have a FIFINE k678 USB Condenser Microphone. I realized my microphone was muffled after a recording I made capturing my camera (through a elgato card) and my screen. After several and several hours of different...
  9. I

    Audio issues?

    Long time ago (few months) I played spiderman via HD60x and my ps5. Had very little issues if any at all. Could hear the ps5 audio by simply connecting my headphones to my pc. Not sure what the settings were it just sort of worked. didn't need anything external it just worked. was able to make...
  10. R

    Audio extremely quiet despite being set at 100%

    Hello. I am having issues with OBS where when recording, the audio I capture is extremely quiet, despite my setting the audio volume to 100%. My specs are: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013): Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris 1536...
  11. P

    Audio cuts out for a few milliseconds every second or so and gets progressively worse as the recording goes on.

    The audio cut outs become longer and happen more frequently as the recording goes on, but this only happens like 10 or 15 minutes into the recording, cutting out every few seconds at the start but getting to the point where its happening multiple times per second, this has happened to me afew...
  12. J

    I can't put into words how frustrating OBS is

    I have posted on this forum so many times and nothing has helped. I switched from Mp4 to Mkv, I tried adjusting the delays on each mic. Nothing is working and it's getting so damn ridiculous. I might even shutdown my podcast studio because it's almost losing money with how many hours I'm...
  13. J

    Reduce mic bleed/Sidechain mics to each other?

    Running a stream with 2 mics and 2 people speaking in the same room. I already know about reducing gain and increasing signal to noise and noise gates and all the traditional solutions. In traditional podcasting there are ways to reduce mic bleed in post processing buy using busses and...
  14. Sturmlocke

    Audio crackling / popping on Linux + OBS + Steam Proton (gameplay rec for YT)

    Hello, I've been struggeling with this issue for a couple of months now. So far I have been removing the audio crackle / popping post recording to the best of my current ability, but since this is a super time consuming workaround, I am now seeking help from ya'll because I have ran out of...
  15. T

    Audio Problems

    Whenever I open OBS (even when I'm not using it) all desktop audio sounds compressed/downgraded/bitcrunched. - only happens with headphones connected (they are bluetooth) - I have tried editing audio settings to help but to no avail - audio becomes normal within a couple seconds of closing OBS
  16. M

    Audio Crackle Randomly

    Multiple times (usually 2 or 3) during a 5 hour stream one source of my split audio will start crackling for ~30 seconds and then return to normal, I use Application Audio Capture to split my game, discord and microphone audio into different tracks (as well as music only on stream but not on...
  17. D

    3rd Microphone channel not reading through OBS Scarlett18I8

    Hello all, I have a Scarlett18I8 audio interface I’m attempting to use with OBS. It’s designed to be simple for plug and play. There are 4 inputs on the front, I have 3 microphones. Both mics 1, and 2 come through clearly and OBS reads them. However the 3rd mic I can hear through the headphones...
  18. jasonsgroovemachine

    Now Playing Local File

    I've been looking everywhere for a simple way to do this and I can't find it. Preamble: I do a weekly show and I'd like the title of the track to show up on the stream when we get to said segment so I don't have to manually change it of the fly or make a half dozen scenes each week. So... I'm...
  19. K

    No Audio Recorded

    I can see the meters moving so the audio is working but when I record it the video file of the recording doesn't play back any audio. my log analysis says my CPU rate is too high so I tried some stuff to lower it but it's not totally effective and i can't tell if that's what is preventing my...
  20. S

    Audio desync on multitrack recording different after each recording on OBS

    Hey everyone! So I have some problems with my audio after recording on OBS. Every recording on OBS yields a different result. Here is the list of problems. PROBLEM: Inconsistent audio/video desync. Multiple instances of me adding a delay onto an audio input to get it to line up with the...