1. L

    Question / Help No desktop audio

    Ever since around the end of December I have been having issues with the desktop audio to where it shows that it is picking up the audio but it doesn't. Whats worse is that sometimes it does work, so as soon as I think I got it fixed, I get another video that I recorded for an hour with no...
  2. K

    Question / Help Mic cutting out during broadcast once or twice - issue?

    Hey everyone so here's the deal... My Blue Yeti microphone cuts in and out once or twice in a 3 hour stream. Unplugging the USB from the computer and plugging it back in it resolves the issue. Because I cant listen to my own audio while I stream I would like to do my best to avoid this problem...
  3. B

    Question / Help Mac OBS mic audio not working

    Ok so I've been having this issue for a few months since the last OS update for mac. I've tried getting help in the discord by no one seems to know what's wrong. -Mic works fine on everything else, not a mic issue. I regularly use the mic in imovie and never have an issue. Just using the built...
  4. S

    Question / Help Separating sound in the mixer doesn't work

    (English is not my first language and my OBS is in Spanish, so be patient pls) Hi, I've been trying to separate my mic audio from my desktop (or game) audio and from videos I found on YouTube I had to make multiple channels (spanish screenshot below showing I chose 3 channels) The dude in the...
  5. E

    Question / Help Would OBS pick up a Behringer XENYX QX1204USB 12-Channel USB Mixer if its plug into the computer USB?

    I am purchasing a Behringer XENYX QX1204USB 12-Channel USB Mixer and was hoping that OBS would be able to pick it up as an audio source if it is plugged into the computer via USB? It would be easier to do that then to have the audio plugin via the web presenter I am using to capture video to...
  6. Grappler_senpai

    Question / Help annoying echo effect throughout my recorded gameplay and streams

    for some reason,whenever I stream or record myself,there's this annoying echo effect that I can't get rid of, I don't know if it's my PC or something like that,I've even used NVENC codec and x264 codec I've tampered with my headphones,the mic volume,the desktop output volume,EVERYTHING! I don't...
  7. K

    Question / Help Saving OBS Filters

    Hello, ive been using this forum alot finding answers to alot of my questions, but couldnt to this particular one, two actually. So i spend alot of time setting microphone, then for some specific reason i went to disable and enable again audio device in obs audio settings, so ive did this...
  8. Z

    Question / Help Xbox one streaming mac

    First things first.... i have no capture card. Im running Xbox to OneCast then through Window Capture on OBS then to I hve no audio/party chat on there. is it possible to get my mic and party chat coming through without a cap card.. Thanks Ps im new to all this and would rather...
  9. I

    Question / Help help... audio stops playing

    OK i am new at the whole obs thing, i installed obs and went to set everything up. but iv run into a problem, i can not hear the desktop audio when the program is open iv run tests and rec. some videos, it is recording it but i cant hear anything wile the program is open. please help thanks...
  10. S

    Question / Help Stream stuck at 0kb/s and Error in AudioConverterFillComplexBuffer

    Hi guys, i've been bashing my head against the wall over this issue all day now with no success and was wondering if any of you could help, i start my stream off fine, the packets go through and the viewers receive an image for about 20 seconds (at most 1-2mins but 20 seconds on average) then...
  11. P

    Question / Help Low noise

    All of my recording have been in very low game and voice audio can someone help me fix it. 09:22:06.916: CPU Name: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor 09:22:06.916: CPU Speed: 3200MHz 09:22:06.916: Physical Cores: 6, Logical Cores: 12 09:22:06.916: Physical Memory: 8144MB Total...
  12. P

    Question / Help Obs Avermedia

    I need help for this please, I have a lag of 1 second on all the windows created how can I regulate that, thanks you
  13. L

    [Windows 10] Seperate multiple audio sources

    Important: this guide only works on Windows 10. No idea if it could work on Windows 8 since I've never used Windows 8 or 8.1. But I'm sure Windows 7 and below can't. Important: make sure you know basically how to configure Windows 10 (especially sound) and OBS. There is a similar guide about...
  14. F

    Question / Help Lag with audio

    Hey, Just since Yesterday, when i'm starting to stream, i have lot of lag just when i'm talking or when there are some music on my stream. If there is no sound already is ok. Is so weird, i don't understand why. I have some lags in game too. Please help
  15. avrona

    Question / Help How to Fix my Audio?

    So I have recently purchased a new mic to use for videos, however I've been unable to actually make it sound good. Does anyone here know a lot about OBS audio filters and other such options and could help me out? Here's a sample of my audio...
  16. R

    Question / Help Can I Record Stream Audio Minus Music?

    Hi, I'm streaming PS4 games through an Elgato using OBS, and was wondering whether it was possible to separate the audio being streamed from the audio being recorded. I play music on my stream, but I can't have it on the recordings, as they would then get flagged on Youtube. Is it possible to...
  17. M

    Question / Help Audio cuts out for a frame randomly

    I've noticed over the past few months that while recording with OBS Studio, the audio will sometimes just die for a split second in-game. Sometimes when I'm editing I can see the split second in the audio wave where the audio cuts out entirely, so my rendering software isn't causing this. I'm...
  18. L

    Question / Help Game and communication sounds double, like if you are hearing the video twice at the same time

    I have this problem, when I am recording any game and I capture my microphone, the audio of the game and discord sounds double when I see the saved file, but my microphone sounds good, the problem is with the audio desktop, I hope you can help me, thanks. log file...
  19. ghoulbakura

    Question / Help OBS not picking up any audio

    I am probably missing something really obvious here but I can't seem to get OBS to pick up and consequently record any audio from any source - whether it's my browser, VLC, or game sources (in particular Guild Wars 2). I did try briefly switching to sudio mode but it seemed to make no...
  20. H

    Question / Help Mic Audio Stutters After Streaming for an Hour

    The below clip shows how my mic stutters after I stream for an hour or so: Closing and opening OBS solves the issue, but I have no idea what causes it in the first place. I have shared my log, but I'm not sure if and recent logs will help since the issue only...