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Hi everyone. I recently bought a decently powerful PC. On that PC I run Windows 10 home (64 bit I think). The PC has 8GB of Ram installed memory.

I bought this PC to start up a Let's Play channel on Youtube. For this I have a Blue Snowball mic which plugs into my PC, a Logitech webcam, and a Linkstable gamecapture card. I am currently trying to record gameplay of Days Gone on my PS4.

I have a major problem. No matter how much I tinker with the settings, the video stutters, and the audio is distorted. My webcam and mic recording seems to work ok. The game capture video is distorted, and there isn't any audio coming from the game capture. (When it does, which is rarely, it comes through either incredibly faint or horribly distorted.)

Does anyone have a solution? I've watched loads of videos but can't seem to work out a solution.


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