Screen Resolution Not Fitting to OBS?


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I've recently tried to record/stream using OBS, and whenever there's always a bit of black space at the top and bottom of my screen. I've also recently got this new laptop and hooked it up to a 27-inch monitor. The native resolution of the monitor is 2560 × 1440, but when I set that as the base canvas there always ends up being black space. The same thing happened with my old monitor as well, which never happened before. Is anyone able to help me out? Cheers.

For reference, check the image:


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If you play your game windowed, OBS captures the client area of the game only, that means the actual game graphics only. Without window borders and title bar, and also without the Windows task bar. This reduces the actual resolution of the game and aspect ratio, so your actual game source appears smaller than the full monitor resolution.

So either play your game fullscreen without any borders and without Windows task bar, or windowed and resize the game so the graphics inside the window appear with 16:9 aspect ratio.