Laptop 3080ti, OBS freezing while recording 4k 60fps, 90-120 fps in game


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Hello everyone!
I got a problem. Trying to record 4k 60fps SC2 gameplay, but it always dropping very much frames while encoding. So record have 15-20 fps instead 60. Stray - 2-3 fps while ingame 70.

I have Razer 17", 3080ti, ssd for recording

My log files for sc2 here:
For Stray Recording:

Tryed reinstall nvidia drivers (studio drivers)
Turned off xbox game bar and record
Run as Administrator

Also, Shadow Play get me 4k 60 fps with no problem. But it's not convenient to record video this way


this has come up a few times recently, see these posts:

it seems that some of these users may have found a solution that might help you too. good luck.


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Thank u! It really helps, getting 4k 60 fps record with this settings


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