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  1. N

    OBS Freezing while moving/scaling sources

    I've been trying to edit scenes and sources, with the unfortunate land mine that is "obs not responding" all week. First noticed the issue while moving a source during stream, my obs froze and had to force shut. But it happens outside of streaming and productivity has been slowed down by this...
  2. B

    OBS constantly freezing video and not responding

    Hi all, I have severe issues keeping me from streaming currently, hence trying to seek help here. Two weeks ago I had a random single instance of freezing video. Music (via SE.Live) still played, but the stream instantly died and OBS didn't respond. The issue didn't come back after restarting...
  3. A

    Windows 11, preview/OBS freezes and stream dies.

    Specs: Operating System Windows 11 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 10400 @ 2.90GHz RAM 32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR4 @ 1329MHz Motherboard ASRock B560M Pro4 Graphics 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (MSI) 50 °C Audio NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) I...
  4. B

    OBS-29.02 not responding while choose the webcam

    Dear forum member, I had a problem with my OBS, they can run very well on recording and streaming, However, when I choose the "properties" to attached the webcam always pop up " NOT RESPONDING" can you guys help me out, what should I do? here I attached the problem in 1 fig, thx you for your help
  5. R

    Why does OBS 29 keep not responding after opening it?

    Am I the only one having this problem? My OBS Studio keeps not responding after I open it, even if it responds, after a while it becomes the same issue obs not responding. Does this issue have to do with stream elements not supporting OBS 29 or am I missing something? This keeps happening to me...
  6. I

    OBS Constant freezing // Camera freezes then OBS stops responding / new cam didn't help.

    So basically. when activating or deactivating my camera. or swapping scenes. or changing game captures. or really doing ANYTHING at all my camera will freeze or the scene itself will freeze and my stream will end. This ONLY happens when streaming to twitch and despite changing every setting in...
  7. A

    Bug report: Control Audio via OBS and/or Application Audio Capture beta causes app Not Responding

    Problem: OBS28.0.1 and OBS20.0.0 is freezing and showing as "not responding" for 5-8min when I do any of the following: -Launch app or close app -Switch scene collections -Press start recording/stop recording button -Returning to the base/default screen of OBS -Add or make changes to sources...
  8. G

    webcam suddenly not showing, OBS crashes when I try to select camera properties

    I have never had an issue with my webcam on OBS. I have OBS version 27.2.3 I just recently upgraded to 32 gb of ram from 8, and also updated windows 10 to windows 11. The only add-on I have is StreamFX Im not sure if either of these could be the cause but getting very frustrated as I can't even...
  9. Fan4eG

    Filters make OBS "not responding"

    hey there. I need some help. a day mb 2 ago my obs starts to freeze when Im right clicking on window w/game and select filters. its just shows me the white "blank" window and a second later OBS just "not responding" and makes me end the process. I have reinstalled OBS twice. n removing all...
  10. L

    OBS with El Gato Capture Card Freezing

    I used to stream, but I stopped for a while. I booted up OBS online to find out that OBS wasn't capturing the ElGato. To be exact, the program was capturing the console (ps5 to be exact) for a few moments, only to suddenly freeze. When I tried to fix it by either deactivating and reactivating...
  11. erniequintero

    OBS STUDIO randomly gets not responding and stops the streaming.-

    Hi, I start having random OBS Studion not responding while streaming. I gather the logs but not sure what to look for to get the right point to view and fix it. I hope someone can take a look on my logs and see if there is anything that could cause it. Also I have lionardboard not sure if there...
  12. Z

    Question / Help My OBS is lag spiking and then showing 0kb/s, however still "streaming". Not responsive OBS Client

    Hey guys ! My name is zanamii and I am having a severe Problem. Soooo : I start streaming and after some minutes I am having a Lag. It's more like a freeze. After this freeze, my bitrate drops to 0kb/s and my obs is not responding. Even when I close it through the task manager and restart...
  13. K

    Bug Report OBS Freezes as soon as I open it

    The program would freeze as soon as I open it. Just gives me the spinning loading wheel and I can not click on anything. So I am not able to access the log file either. I tried deleting the app and redownloading app. it did not do anything. Found some suggestions on the forum about finding the...