Question / Help My OBS is lag spiking and then showing 0kb/s, however still "streaming". Not responsive OBS Client


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Hey guys !

My name is zanamii and I am having a severe Problem.
Soooo : I start streaming and after some minutes I am having a Lag. It's more like a freeze.
After this freeze, my bitrate drops to 0kb/s and my obs is not responding.
Even when I close it through the task manager and restart the Client it tells me "encoding error" (translated from German : Es ist ein Kodierungsfehler aufgetreten)
I've read several threads, but Im not really finding the right solution. My temporary solution has been restarting my computer so that the error doesnt occur, but this is no solution I'm willing to live with over a long period of time.
I have resetted my whole computer and reinstalled my windows, but this error occured still today. I am fracking frustrated and need somebody who is willing to walk this through with me as I am not really experienced with this issue and how to fix such a deep routed problem..

My Windows Version is Version 1909 (Build 18363.720) Windows 10 home
My Graphics Card is the AMD Radeon rx 580 Series
and my CPU is the Intel i5-7600k
Also there is the log from the most resent crash

Thank you for your help in advance and I hope you can help me.


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