Capture card footage shifting to the side...?


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I'm not even sure what to call this but I have attached a couple of screenshots. I'm capturing PS4 footage using an NZXT Signal 4K30 hooked up to a windows pc. The recording starts out fine but after about 6 minutes into the recording, the video starts shifting to the right and cropping up on the left-hand side. It got gradually worse and worse over time. I'm not even sure what the name would be for this phenomenon.

This problem shows up in the actual recorded video output and the OBS monitor, but the passthrough was fine so I didn't even notice it. I'm pretty upset that more than two hours of captured footage got ruined. Restarting OBS made it go away but since it popped up mid-stream I'm sure it'll come back.

If anyone has an idea of how to fix this, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

And should point out: canvas and output are both 1920x1080, FPS set to 60.
screen capture issue 1.jpg

screen capture issue 2.PNG
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