capture card error

  1. czaremanuel

    Capture card footage shifting to the side...?

    I'm not even sure what to call this but I have attached a couple of screenshots. I'm capturing PS4 footage using an NZXT Signal 4K30 hooked up to a windows pc. The recording starts out fine but after about 6 minutes into the recording, the video starts shifting to the right and cropping up on...
  2. E


    Hello when i record my video i look at the folder i chose and they are not there .i tried file and then my recordings but they arent there either. i can reach them with only recording remux feature which i cant even watch the recordings. any thoughts?
  3. BlondyFmab

    No Audio for Capture Card on Wii U

    Earlier today I was trying to set up my Wii U to connect with my capture card, and everything was working perfectly fine until I noticed that there was absolutely no audio. I tried doing the same method that you would do to get audio for any other console, but it just wouldn't work. Is there any...
  4. O

    Capture Card Audio rarely works.

    This problem has plagued me continuously for over a year since I got my Capture Card. It's an off-brand one as far as I can tell, but while the video comes through well the audio is another matter. It pretty much does whatever it wants seemingly at random. The audio either works normally...
  5. U

    Question / Help OBS issues (URGENT)

    Hey all! I am using Streamlabs version of OBS v 0.19.1. I am using an HP Z840 with nvidia geforce gtx 1080 (v 430.86) 12 core and 64 gigs of ram. The OS is Windows 10 Pro; Intel Xeon CPU E5-2650 v4 @2.20GHz. For control of the session (switching) I am also using a Elgato Stream Deck XL. I...