Question / Help OBS issues (URGENT)


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Hey all! I am using Streamlabs version of OBS v 0.19.1. I am using an HP Z840 with nvidia geforce gtx 1080 (v 430.86) 12 core and 64 gigs of ram. The OS is Windows 10 Pro; Intel Xeon CPU E5-2650 v4 @2.20GHz. For control of the session (switching) I am also using a Elgato Stream Deck XL. I am using (3) Canon C300, (3) AJA U-TAPs for video of gamers, (1) Razor Ripsaw Capture Card to capture the game. My output is 1280x720 and my input is 1080p (29.97 fps.) I am using the "Facebook Gaming Cobweb" theme currently to livestream to

I am experiencing the following issues while offline (non-streaming):
- capture cards feed freezes randomly
- AJA U-TAP feeds freeze occasionally/randomly
- Windows (picture n picture) are resizing themselves after customizing
- Audio settings are being changed without my revision

Recently while livestreaming and recording, all capture sources froze. I was unable to bring them back successfully until I completely rebooted and refreshed connection to all peripherals independent of workstations power cycle.

What I have tried already:
- ensuring all peripherals have been successfully installed with the most recent drivers.
- tested/modified output settings from 1080 to 1280x720
- tested/modified input settings both on camera and application video settings (29.97/59.94)
- power cycled & restarted application numerous times
- increased computer resources from 16 gig to 64 gigs.
- issues persists whether I am recording and streaming or just building a theme up scene by scene

There appears to be no obvious trigger to these occurrences.

Can you offer any insight or advice to mitigate or workarounds for this matter?

Thanks for your time and assistance!