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  1. S

    Razer Ripsaw & OBS Doubled Audio Help

    Okay this has probably come up before, but I have been having this issue for a while and I'm almost ready to launch this stupid brick at the wall. I have the latest update of obs, razer etc. I have set the audio properties to monitor & output but the audio is blasting through both the razer...
  2. N

    hello if someone could help me please

    my OBS stream runs fine for an hour or two then goes choppy, and even restarting the capture card doesnt fix it. i stream at 720p 60fps at 4500 kbps. its not that much i feel like but idk if its my laptop or not but my other cheap amazon capture card for 40 bucks worked no choppiness until it...
  3. G

    Razer Ripsaw randomly freezing in OBS

    Hello everyone, So since a few weeks I'm experiencing random video capture card freezes. This started around the time i got my cam (razer kiyo pro). Both of them are USB 3 Plugged directly into my mainboard. Have read a lot of things on the web already and made sure both of devices are plugged...
  4. J

    Audio Output Stuttering/Sounds Corrupted After Graphics Card Upgrade

    I recently upgraded my graphics card from an AMD R9 270 to a Nvidia Geforce gtx 960 (not much of an upgrade I know). After the upgrade, I realized the sound being output from my video source sounded stuttering, corrupted, etc. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers for my capture card...
  5. B

    Question / Help Choppy Video Recording on Xbox One using Razer Ripsaw

    Simply put its as the title suggests. Whilst using my Xbox One to play games the video is smooth running at 60fps. When i come back to review the video footage the video is running at the 30fps I set it to, however its a choppy recording. The only software being used on my PC is OBS. I have...
  6. L

    Question / Help Razer Kiyo lagging my capture card

    so ive been using my razer kiyo and when ever i want to stream a game on my ps4 or switch i have to unplug it so that it doesnt lag my capture card. when i have both my ripsaw and kiyo plugged into my computer my camera has perfect frames but my frames on my capture card drop really bad. does...
  7. catgundam

    Question / Help Ripsaw HD audio output strange behavior

    Hello! Recently bought a capture card Razer Ripsaw HD and everything work perfectly except one strange thing - when I choose ripsaw as audio output device from computer (to listen some music in headphones that connected directly to ripsaw) game capture starts to lag as hell. But there is no...
  8. U

    Question / Help OBS issues (URGENT)

    Hey all! I am using Streamlabs version of OBS v 0.19.1. I am using an HP Z840 with nvidia geforce gtx 1080 (v 430.86) 12 core and 64 gigs of ram. The OS is Windows 10 Pro; Intel Xeon CPU E5-2650 v4 @2.20GHz. For control of the session (switching) I am also using a Elgato Stream Deck XL. I...
  9. C

    Question / Help OBS & Razer Ripsaw Causing PC Lag and Audio Issues.

    My Laptop is a: HP ENVY Notebook - 17t-k200 CTO i7 5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz Intel HD Graphics 5500 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M 16 gigs of Ram Screen Res: 1920 x 1080. Windows 8.1 64bit To put this simply, during mid OCT HP put out a update which my computer tried to install but restarted time and...
  10. masakifujiwara

    Question / Help Cannot open the correct "Configure Video" properties. Razer Ripsaw HD audio problem. What I'm doing wrong?

    I have two problems : 1- The main one is that I cannot record/stream the game audio from my new capture card "Razer Ripsaw HD" in OBS. A viewer cannot hear the sound of the console I'm using (PS4 Pro) right now. Me, I can if I plug my headphone in the Headphone port (3.5 mm audio cable) of my...
  11. C

    Question / Help My OBS configure video dose not showing anything

    I just bought a Razer Ripsaw and has no audio output. Everyone said that if I could doing setting in configure video then the problem will fix, but there is nothing in my configure video.
  12. O

    Question / Help No audio

    Hi, I'm new with OBS. I'm using Razer Ripsaw HD capture card and everythings looking good, but i can't hear sounds from it in OBS. Desktop sounds are working fine, but nothing coming from the CC. I was speaking with Razer support and they don't know what is wrong and they told me to contact OBS...
  13. S

    Question / Help Lagging from Capture Card

    Hello, I just booted up OBS to record today, and when I'm trying to record from my PS4, using a Razer Ripsaw, it starts slowing down my whole computer on occasion while lagging to the extreme in the software itself, I switched to record a game directly from my computer and it runs fine, I...