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Recently bought a capture card Razer Ripsaw HD and everything work perfectly except one strange thing - when I choose ripsaw as audio output device from computer (to listen some music in headphones that connected directly to ripsaw) game capture starts to lag as hell. But there is no point to that according to performance monitor (same cpu usage) and also no frame drops at all!
Beside stream/record no problem - no audio lag in headphones or smthg like that, no sound problem on records - only laggy video itself - problem example (around 60mb), in first laggy part I use ripsaw hd as an output device, in second just turn off sound from pc, in third - switch from ripsaw device to default realtek - log from capture

on screenshot (sry for russian, forgot to switch, can redo) stats showing that there is no drop from obs

Maybe the very method of sending sound to a card from a pc is not correct and should be done somehow differently?



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