Question / Help Choppy Video Recording on Xbox One using Razer Ripsaw


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Simply put its as the title suggests.
Whilst using my Xbox One to play games the video is smooth running at 60fps. When i come back to review the video footage the video is running at the 30fps I set it to, however its a choppy recording. The only software being used on my PC is OBS. I have attached a log below, and have uploaded a sample of video footage for review.

Any help with this would be great.



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Run as an admin, open view>stats and monitor encoder lag etc...I don't know enough about the a10 processors and their capabilities but even 1080/30 on ultrafast might be pushing it, I'm sure someone way more intelligent will know based on the log. Those were the 2 things I noticed and would try first.
Do you have the latest Ripsaw? I think it's the 4K version.

I looked at the log and I'll give it to you straight...

Upgrade to a Ryzen and dump that GT 730 if you want to use 1080p HD recordings. Ryzen 3 and a GTX 760 (still supported) sounds better.


I have seen this far too many times your PC cannot handle the quality settings you are using.
also as mentioned you are not right clicking the OBS icon and running as administrator, this may help a tad bit but probably not going to get rid of the choppy.

try recording at 720p using the Nvidia NVENC encoder. not the x264 CPU.

Turn of Mcafee firewall, stop all programs you are not using. Turn off windows AERO and optimize your computer and stop many background services. turn off windows game DVR and game bar, update your GPU drivers.

The thing tha tis going to help you the most is using your graphics card to encode, it wont affect your game as it uses a different part of your graphics card to do it... your 2 core processor simply cannot keep up with using x264 ultrafast encode.

see screenshot under encoder choose Nvidia NVENC.


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It's the HSA on that motherboard. OpenCL will run better with one of AMD's GPUs, but with a NVIDIA GPU, it will bottleneck. You would have to overclock the bus on the motherboard to make the NVIDIA GPU run at full speed.