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    Question / Help Issue connecting Xbox to OBS

    Why won’t my Xbox console connect on my OBS. It says to make sure they are both connected to the same network, which they both are connected to the same network. I have been streaming just fine until now. Any suggestions?
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    Question / Help Issues Recording XBOX 360 Gameplay with OBS and Elgato HD60 Pro

    Hello all, I have two issues I'm trying to address, both concerning recording video from my XBOX 360. I have a dedicated Recording-Only PC (i5-3570K, GTX 970 SC 4GB, 16GB DDR3, 500GB SSD + 1TB HDD) that does nothing but capture video from sources, whether it be my other computer or consoles...
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    Question / Help Audio Choppy/stuttering after couple hours of streaming.. Not Recording

    I just recently started streaming through a PC with OBS Studio using Elgato Capture HD 60S.. Using Blue Snowball Microphone. Two streams in now using this and at 2 hours and 30/40 minutes the audio becomes extremely choppy/stuttering and within seconds becomes messy. Its set to 720 resolution...
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    Question / Help Audio/Mic issues streaming with Xbox to HD60pro

    Hey guys, I have come across a few issues when streaming to my PC using the internal HD60pro - when streaming I need to use a ChatLink cable in order to have the Xbox Party Chat. My issue is the ChatLink cable is picking up my voice from my headset mic and as far as I'm aware that's not supposed...
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    Question / Help AverMedia Capture with OBS recording party chat in Xbox

    Hello, Can anyone assist me on setup and configuration of recording a party chat on the Xbox One? Basically, Xbox is hooked into the AverMedia card and the AverMedia card is connected to my computer and we have the audio card in the computer connected to a headset. It works to record just him...
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    Question / Help No Audio, Elgato, XB1, mac and game capture.

    Hi, im new too this So im unsure if ive posted in the right area! I have an ELGATO HD60. This is connected with the 2 hdmi's and the usb cable. All working and Displaying in elgato's Game capture software. No matter what i do and how ive tried the sound doesnt work on OBS. I have set the video...
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    Question / Help Can't have OBS open when using Xbox Console Companion to stream

    I only have one laptop to stream with and I want to use the features that OBS offers but the game-play pauses when i move to the OBS window. Is there anyway to fix this without having to get a capture card or another monitor? I also don't think that my overlays are working (showing up) when I...
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    Question / Help 5000 bitrate and still pixelated?

    I record my Xbox with my Elgato, then record on OBS. My settings on the Elgato is 720p 30fps. Along with my OBS settings, they’re 720p 30fps and at 5000 bitrate. I keep my CPU preset at Ultrafast. Even if I make the preset ‘slower’ it’s still pixelated. And if I go up to 9000 bitrate; it’s still...
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    Non-Free CamController - PTZ Camera Controller (MultiCam) and OBS Swtiching 1.03

    PTZ camera control system that integrates with OBS to allow for control of 1 or more cameras from a gamepad. Multiple cameras can be control from the same game pad, as well as camera switching in OBS. CamController works with Axis Network cameras, ONVIF compatible cameras as well as cameras...
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    Question / Help ElGato vs OBS sound problems

    Was having problems streaming. I posted my log to see if anyone could help. Basically in a nutshell I stream one game through my xbox, and the rest I play on my computer. Everything is encoded with OBS but I have it extremely ghetto rigged. I would like to get my settings down so I'm not...
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    Question / Help Incredibly Low Upload Speeds - OBS telling me to use Moscow Server

    Hi, It seems like every few months, something in OBS or in my home decides to go haywire and mess up my system. I typically have no issues streaming in 1080p/60fps @ 6000 bitrate, using an Elgato HD60s, and using OBS 22.0.2. I use restream, and simultaneously stream to Mixer, Facebook, and...
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    Question / Help XBOX lags on stream, 0 droppped frames on OBS

    Ive been having issues recently when streaming xbox to twitch using OBS. the gameplay is lagging for the viewers, but it looks fine on my laptop and i dont have any dropped frames in OBS. any help would be greatly appreciated. My last Log: thanks