Broadcasting Xbox gameplay AND iPhone screen simultaneously without 3rd party?


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Hi! this is my first thread and after looking around the forum for a while I think this is the best place to post it.. please correct me if I'm wrong!
Please hang with me as I try to explain my question as clearly as I can

I have a MacBook on Mojave and PC on Windows 10. I prefer to use the PC for streaming but my mac is an option if it's the only way to accomplish this.
I have an Avermedia 2 Plus Capture Card.

I would like to broadcast my Xbox gameplay and iPhone screen in the same scene.
I have already figured out how to do it via mirroring on wifi.
What I would prefer is to do this via hardwire. As in- I would like to use a cord to connect my iPhone to my computer and directly put the media into OBS.- without 3rd party apps running.

Is this possible? And how can I do this? Is the only way using a capture card?