screen freeze

  1. E


    Hello when i record my video i look at the folder i chose and they are not there .i tried file and then my recordings but they arent there either. i can reach them with only recording remux feature which i cant even watch the recordings. any thoughts?
  2. RealNeighbour

    Window recording freezes when switching to another application.

    I'm using OBS to record Google Meet meetings in Chrome. The recording goes fine if I'm on the recorded window but freezes on the last frame(in the output file as well as on the OBS preview window) which appeared just before my switching to another application, the recording resumes just fine if...
  3. F

    OBS window recording stops after sometime

    Hello guys, I am using obs studio to record an application while it's minimized as it moves while I do other things. The recording was working fine up until 1 hour and 10 mins then it stopped recording what the application is doing until I alt-tabbed into the application then the recording...
  4. I

    Windows Black Screen "BUG"

    Hi, there would be a problem that when I want to start a game recording I only have a black screen! Can you help me with that? I started watching videos on YouTube but it didn’t help.
  5. U

    Question / Help OBS issues (URGENT)

    Hey all! I am using Streamlabs version of OBS v 0.19.1. I am using an HP Z840 with nvidia geforce gtx 1080 (v 430.86) 12 core and 64 gigs of ram. The OS is Windows 10 Pro; Intel Xeon CPU E5-2650 v4 @2.20GHz. For control of the session (switching) I am also using a Elgato Stream Deck XL. I...
  6. E

    Question / Help Avermedia Live Ultra Gamer freezing image in OBS Studio (suddenly for no apparent cause)

    Hello forum friends. For more than 2 weeks, I have been having a problem between the AVERMEDIA LIVE ULTRA GAMER (GC553) card with OBS Studio. During gameplay, the capture card completely freezes the image. On television, with the console connected, shows no problem, image appears normally. But...