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This problem has plagued me continuously for over a year since I got my Capture Card. It's an off-brand one as far as I can tell, but while the video comes through well the audio is another matter. It pretty much does whatever it wants seemingly at random. The audio either works normally, doesn't play at all or is completely gargled (i.e. it only plays every other second or so and is incredibly gargled when it does).

I don't have logs of when the audio is completely silent, but I found a solution (for now) by setting a separate audio source to play the audio from the capture card and setting it to "Monitor and Output". I've tried using separate sources in the past and they only worked as temporary fixes, but this last attempt was the first time I changed the latter setting so hopefully it'll keep recording. While the Capture Card itself still has an audio device set, I muted it for the following recordings.

As for the gargled part: sometimes it happens as soon as I load OBS, other times OBS works fine for the first few recordings and switches to the cacophany once I think things are getting better...it's infuriating.

Linked below are two logs, from Nov 4th and Nov 5th. The capture card's audio worked fine on Nov 4th (I started recording gameplay from the "2020-11-04 14-17-22" file to "2020-11-04 19-42-10") but was messed up for the duration of the 5th (specifically, the "2020-11-05 13-37-05" file to the "2020-11-05 21-01-16"). And even then, while the first recording of the day ("2020-11-05 13-36-01") was only a few seconds long it actually seemed to work fine: OBS just decided to screw up from the second recording onward despite me not restarting the app or anything - I just stopped the recording and started it again a few seconds later.

I looked at the logs myself and saw that OBS tried to load the capture card's own audio settings (i.e. the one I set when loading it as a "video capture device") for the Nov 4th recordings but not the 5th ones, so I deselected the "Use custom audio device" setting. I haven't tried it yet and I don't have much hope that it'll change anything, but I wanted to report that as well. Hopefully you'll be able to help.

Thank you in advance.


  • 2020-11-04 12-45-43 recording started 2020-11-04 14-17-22.txt
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  • 2020-11-05 12-51-09 recording started 2020-11-05 13-36-01.txt
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