Question / Help Elgato and Desktop sources playing game audio at same time!


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Hello helpful people,
I'm streaming from my pc on Windows 10 using through an Elgato HD60S+ coming from my PS4 Pro. I have no idea what has changed but the audio from the ps4 used to only be coming through the Elgato source in my OBS. Which was perfect. My mic has its own source as well as desktop audio. So my mic, my elgato audio and my desktop audio were all separate. I started everything up yesterday and my game audio is now playing through the elgato source as well as the desktop audio source. Theres also echo on my Ps4 party chat now and this wasnt an issue just a few days ago. I'm using Astro A40 headset with the mixamp pro. Optical out from the ps4 to mixamp. and i have a 3.5mm running from the line out on the pc to the mixamp pro so i can hear music, youtube, stream alerts etc. I cant stress enough that this was all working fine before and I have no idea what I changed. One thing I did fix was that my mic was also coming through the desktop audio source but I changed my input source in settings to my microphone and that fixed that issue. Other than that I havent been able to get rid of the Ps4 audio from coming through the Desktop Audio source. Bummer. I've done my best in trying to find this problem somwhere else but im running out of time before my stream tonight. Send help fam!


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