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Hi guys,
it is my first time posting in such forum, so sorry in advance for missing information.
To my current setup, which is causing the problem:
Streaming PC specs: GeForce RTX 2060, Intel Core i5-10400F
Streaming console: PS4
Capture Card: ZasLuke Game Capture Card

Before switching to the mentioned set-up, I was streaming with PS4 and Macbook Pro in combination, which worked very well. Now, I would like to switch to a set-up with a streaming PC.
While capturing the PS4 with mentioned capture card, its flickering sometimes. It is also visible directly in OBS preview.
The capture card in combination with a Macbook Pro worked without any flickering. I tried also some different settings in OBS directly, like downgrading the resolution to 720 from 1080, or dwongrading the bitrate. Nothing worked.
Google told me to disable game mode and hardware scaled CPU scheduling. Also tried this and didn't work.

Maybe some more information to the "no-name" capture card. I am convinced that there is no damageon the cable or the capture card itself, because it is still working with the Macbook Pro. The capture could be connected with an USB 3.0 to USB 3.0 or even with an USB 3.0 to USB C. Both of them were delivered with the capture card. While using the Macbook Pro, it was connectedvai USB 3.0 to USB C. For my new streaming PC I've treid both versions, for both the same problem.

I've attached one exemplary logfile, hopefully someone can help me. There is a warning and error. I've tried to find out the meaning, but was not able to. I am very frustrated, because its a new PC and although it seems to be a capture card or OBS problem, I am not sure about the PC. So, I would appreciate if someone is able to help me.


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