PS4 gameplay & camera are laggy/losing frames...


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Hello! I'm having issues with capturing my PS4 gameplay. I have a 2019 MacBookAir (not the best, I know) and decent capture card and webcam. My first video, only the sound was off, and I was able to manually sync the sound and video when editing. This second video I'm trying to do is absolutely awful. Both the gameplay and camera recording are dropping frames and lagging till the cows come home. It's completely unusable footage :( I'm not the best with this kind of tech stuff, so any suggestions to aid my crappy footage would be great. I'm tempted to just buy a nice PC to avoid all this, but idk maybe I can still get my trusty Mac to work?! Attached is the log. Plz help. I just want to make fun videos.


  • OBS Log of Dome.txt
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