1. R

    OBS 29.1.2 on Steam Deck no audio capture from ps4 vivitar capture card

    I’ve been using a steam deck ($500 model, 256 gb ssd) for streaming gameplay from my ps4, while having obs open the video comes through clearly and got it to work with minimal/no screen tearing but the issues of audio keeps coming up. Almost every time I go back into obs I need to reconfigure...
  2. S

    No Audio for XBOX Series S on OBS?

    I am using the elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro on PC. And the video comes up on the OBS but I have absolutely no audio coming from the games to OBS. Can anyone help me with this please. Thank you again community.
  3. jilliey

    SOLVED How to have audio come through OBS when using Video Capture Device.

    {Posting my reply to someone having the issue of audio not coming through OBS here so it is easier for others to find.} My reasoning for figuring this out was because I wanted to use my laptop as a monitor for Nintendo Switch. OBS is most compatible with my Video Capture Card so I decided to use...
  4. Y

    Not getting audio from my Capture card

    Hi im not getting audio from my recently purchased capture card its recording video ok but no sound how would i fix this?
  5. B

    No desktop audio when OBS is open

    So I recently got as GOXLR and was in the process of setting everything up and noticed that now that I have all sound running through the GOXLR I can no longer hear my desk top audio when OBS is running. Either in a game or on a browser. I can hear everything fine when OBS is shut down and...
  6. G

    Obs audio will only record one track

    I have been going back and forth looking through old forums, and I cant seem to figure out what is going on. I have even resorted to redownloading Obs 3 different times. Starting from scratch setting it up. I even followed along videos walking me through setting up obs. I'm not sure if I'm blind...
  7. S

    Question / Help No audio !

    Hello, I tried to install OBS on my new computer but i don't have any audio coming up ! I have set audio to my headset, CORSAIR VIRTUOSO WIRELESS.. My mic is working well.. I need some help please.. log :
  8. O

    Bug Report Suddenly No audio when recording

    Attached some screenshots to help. Yeah I could record just the other day with audio and now suddenly it stopped working. I did nothing in the settings to cause it, just happened out of the blue. Other friends are having the same issue.