Obs audio will only record one track


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I have been going back and forth looking through old forums, and I cant seem to figure out what is going on. I have even resorted to redownloading Obs 3 different times. Starting from scratch setting it up. I even followed along videos walking me through setting up obs. I'm not sure if I'm blind and missed something but I have tried a lot so I am here asking for help figuring this out. ive added some of my screenshots of what I have so far, I do have VLC media player, also in my editing software (Filmora) it no longer even shows separate audio tracks on my recorded vids, all the tracks have the same name, but all will be empty except the first track. please help me figure this out ive been stuck on this for 2 days, every forum I look at is people not knowing to use VLC, and or just not selecting the other audio tracks to be recorded, but that isn't my issue and idk what it could be.


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Note your mic track will not be recorded since you have it set to monitor only.