Would you tell me that will obs64v28 supports JioOS 2.0


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First, I Said the person on the Quora : "Is JioOS AOSP, Linux or the alternative to Windows?"

and, The First Person Said : "It depends on user needs"

But the Another Person Told that : "Linux power. A good little Debian and it works."

These were their Answers to My Question.

Is there any way to make a interpretation of obs64v28 for JioOS, Because According to leaks it could be Reliance own advanced zilches which will be called JioOS2.0. I suppose it'll be grounded on Linux operating system and Android apps will be compatible on it, i.e.,

as the brand is suspected to be developing a custom-made zilches grounded on Android Open- Source Project or AOSP.?

Read more at: https://www.gizbot.com/gadgets/news/jioos-explained-is-it-a-threat-to-ios-073047.html