How install Plugins in OBS Studio from Store Application in distros based on Ubuntu.


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Hi there.

I faced difficult to install the InfoWriter in my OBS installed from Discover app, a store app to search and install app very common in distro that are compose with KDE Desktop Environment (Plasma).

Since I found nothing when I search about that, I want to share you what I made:

Browser to directory:


Here create the folder call "plugins" (without quotation marks)

Now, it will necessary create the folder structure that the plugin you want install needs, in my case, to InfoWriter


After download and extract the InfoWriter's files, paste it in this directory. The final directory path will be:


I hope I helped you. Thank you for attention.


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Additional information:

My distro: Kubuntu 22.04
OBS download from Ubuntu repository manual:ubuntu-jammy-universe (Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS) - 27.2.3+dfsg1