install issues

  1. L

    OBS crashed when installed

    When I just installed OBS and was ready to start it, it said "Oops,OPS has crashed". I looked for many forums without a solution, so I can only attach my log here. I hope the kind people can help me solve it. Thank you! (′▽`ʃ♡ƪ)
  2. feliwithhonor

    27.2.3 Update/Install error: can't write eu-ES.ini

    I was updating OBS and it stopped because it "failed to write" an .ini file ("eu-ES.ini" to be precise). I tried it again, nothing. Avast and Windows security are disabled, so it's not that. Rebooted my PC, nothing. I even updated Windows in the meantime, and still nothing. So, I uninstalled it...
  3. M

    Crash on Startup - Please Help

    Dear OBS community, I just installed the latest version of OBS and it crashes on startup every time. I have tried re-installing and running as admin, no luck. I'm a long time user of OBS and I have never had a problem. This is the first time I have tried running OBS on this laptop. I am...
  4. F

    Installed on CentOS 7 via Snap, but can't find Qt libs

    I installed obs through snap on CentOS 7 following insuctions here Consequently, I am doing development on the machine using our own qt libs which are "special", and the tools I am developing are what I need OBS to record so I can show my QA guys...
  5. Hey_Mister_DJ

    Installed Motion Plug in but it doesn't appear in OBS

    I followed a video tutorial on how to manually download and move the Motion Plug in over to the Obs-Studio folder in my C Drive. Closed OBS during this proccess, rebooted but still when I open OBS the plug in does not appear. Help: Attached are screenshots showing where I placed the Data and...
  6. D

    OBS Slow on clean install

    I've just tried downloading OBS twice now and both times upon start-up the program has slowed down my pc to a crawl. I really have no idea why it would be so slow right away, with essentially no custom settings. My pc is practically brand new so the only reason I can assume is that there is a...
  7. W

    Question / Help Crash after install. Unhandled exception: c0000005

    Hi! I just installed OBS because I had read that it could help me stream Twitch from Android with both mic and internal audio, but after installing I was met with and error message simply saying that the program had crashed. I pulled this from the log, and what I noticed directly is that the...
  8. V

    Question / Help OBS doesn't install

    When I try to install the latest version (24.0.3), it says that "Game Capture is still in use by the following applications: StartMenuExperienceHost"
  9. E

    Question / Help Unable to locate package obs-studio

    Hi - I am trying to download OBS on a jetson nano and when I go though the installation steps I get to the last step and I get the error "E: Unable to locate package obs-studio" Some system information: PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS" OpenGL version string: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 32.2.1 ffmpeg...
  10. BestMarkMiller

    Question / Help No Filters?

    I'm just getting started with OBS and I've noticed that none of the filters that are allegedly standard with the program are available to me and I can't find anything anywhere to help add them or figure out what the issue is. I tried re-installing and it didn't work. Last Log file... if it...