27.2.3 Update/Install error: can't write eu-ES.ini


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I was updating OBS and it stopped because it "failed to write" an .ini file ("eu-ES.ini" to be precise).
I tried it again, nothing. Avast and Windows security are disabled, so it's not that. Rebooted my PC, nothing. I even updated Windows in the meantime, and still nothing.
So, I uninstalled it, and downloaded the installer again. And still nothing.

Here's the message I got while installing:
obs error.png

Retrying also won't work (obviously >:( ). I even tried to delete the /locale folder in case it was an issue of residual files, but it would just get stuck on 0%.
Any idea how to solve this? I don't want to go on a rampage and delete the whole /obs-studio folder in case I also delete my settings (which I would hate).
Thanks in advance.