1. feliwithhonor

    27.2.3 Update/Install error: can't write eu-ES.ini

    I was updating OBS and it stopped because it "failed to write" an .ini file ("eu-ES.ini" to be precise). I tried it again, nothing. Avast and Windows security are disabled, so it's not that. Rebooted my PC, nothing. I even updated Windows in the meantime, and still nothing. So, I uninstalled it...
  2. T

    Bug Report [MAC] OBS seems to crash unexpectedly at the same hour every night

    This is VERY weird. It seems like my OBS crashes around 10:30PM ET every night. When I relaunch it, it crashes over and over after a random amount of time between 5 seconds and 15 minutes, no matter what i do (I tried deleting the "obs-browser" folder, the whole OBS folder in Application Support...