1. Nico010402

    Roland VR 4HD -> OBS : Movement on video is slow and glitchy

    Hi there I work at a music venue, where we stream most of our concerts. In an effort to upgrade our setup, we decided to buy a Mac Mini M1. The first stream we did worked flawlessly, and the computer in general is so much more smooth and fast than our old windows 10 desktop. However we'we run...
  2. D

    OBS lagging after windows update

    My obs has been working great for a long time I've used it for streaming and recording a lot but since the last windows 11 update or so that's my general guess on what's wrong my obs has had recording lag the audio seems to be unaffected but the video every couple seconds lags and then goes back...
  3. C

    Superbowl auto-update scorecard graphic HELP

    Hello! I'm very much a giant noob to all of this so sorry if I'm dumb. I'm looking to add a score card that auto-updates to my stream for the superbowl today. I'm coming to find this is a big ask haha I've been researching all morning but all I've found are scorecards I have to update or some...
  4. M

    Games start stuttering, tearing, lagging when I open OBS

    So I was streaming games no problem yesterday but this morning I updated OBS and now when, I open the app, the games start stuttering and dropping frames (it also locks every game on 120fps) without even trying to record or broadcast anything. All it takes is for me to open OBS and it starts...
  5. soyfacuh

    OBS - ¿?

    Hello, I've been generating content with OBS for a while, it never gave me errors but these latest updates happen to me that the KB drops to 0, stays at 0 for a few seconds, goes up again and either OBS fails or continues transmitting but canceling the sound. Could you help me? I spoke to my...
  6. M

    OBS requires me to start stream and restart

    So I am running into this weird issue where I am having massive frame drops (like 50%) when I first start streaming and it will continue until I manually stop stream and start it again. TwitchTest is telling me my connection quality is 100 and the logs have a lot of errors but the errors are...
  7. A

    update made streaming impossible

    i just updated obs before my stream but now when I go to "manage stream" the window is to big so I can't confirm the settings and start the stream. it cuts off the buttons on the bottom of the window. i cant drag it up any higher, there's no scroll bar and if i try to adjust the window size the...
  8. jalenp69

    OBS recording crashes PC

    Hi I'm new here so sorry in advance if I'm not posting correctly or anything. So I actively record gaming videos and have been doing so for months with obs. I just updated to the newest version either March 31 or April 1 and since then when I record while gaming, my pc crashes. Black screen, gpu...
  9. E

    Latest update messed up OBS for me and system is buffering

    Hi! Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Before the latest update for OBS, I was able to run OBS on my computer with no problem. However, the update changed things. The first issue was that NVENC wasn't recognized. I updated the driver, so I fixed that issue. The second issue deals with audio...
  10. feliwithhonor

    27.2.3 Update/Install error: can't write eu-ES.ini

    I was updating OBS and it stopped because it "failed to write" an .ini file ("eu-ES.ini" to be precise). I tried it again, nothing. Avast and Windows security are disabled, so it's not that. Rebooted my PC, nothing. I even updated Windows in the meantime, and still nothing. So, I uninstalled it...
  11. C

    Cant update OBS to version 27.2.3

    Hello, When i try to update OBS to version 27.2.3, it doesn't work. when i click update the OBS updater says "All available updates are already installed" I tried to restart my computer multiple times but it shows the same message every time. Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/kshqiv6TtUP7ZsRF
  12. jkml

    OBS Crashed when I tried to update within OBS

    See attached logs OBS told me there was an update available. I clicked the update button, then I got a window that said OBS crashed.
  13. D

    Video Capture Flickering After Epoccam Update 2021.3

    Hello all, I'm having a very new issue with the Video Capture on my Epoccam since it updated a few days ago. For context, I connect my iPhone via USB to my streaming PC and stream video on the Epoccam app through OBS. The app went through a pretty major update that required new drivers to run...
  14. andregr

    I can't move fonts by selecting with the mouse

    In other versions, both scenes and sources, after the 27.0.1 update I can't select, what happens in the following video happens.
  15. B

    OBS started crashing with the new update

    Since the new update, my OBS keeps crashing when i alt tab from the game that im streaming to the OBS program (Crashes 1 in 5 times that i do it). I cant get to replicate the bug while offline. Can someone help me with a possible solution? Thank you in advance! <3
  16. D

    PNG Images Displaying Incorrectly After Update

    Hello all, Anyone else notice any PNG images within their OBS looking completely different after the update to 27? Been attempting to dive into the settings but have not been able to find a correction. Is this a bug or an intended change? I have attached some images of the differences between...
  17. T

    audio stopped with windows 10 update to 20H2

    after upgrade to windows 10 20H2 the audio mixer no longer shows anything for desktop audio (qu32 mixer) nor desktop audio 2. The system sound properties for Line Qu-32 shows movement in the vu meter and if I play a local video the playback device Qu-32 CH27/28 shows movement in the vu meter...
  18. B

    Why Recording Window is paused when OBS is running?

    I tried to record my WhatsApp chat, but when I kept OBS open and running. The recording did not happen. Later when I went back on the recording window with OBS recording in the background, it worked fine. This issue is interfering with since the latest update came, Oct 6, 2020. Attached is the...
  19. dEN00_5

    OBS Python scene update (browser) and value change 1.0

    the current plugin updates the browser scene. It was done in order not to independently press the hide button and update it automatically.
  20. M

    Question / Help Issues with MacOS Catilina 10.15.4 (AUDIO)

    Hi I've been having trouble with the audio, I'm using an Apollo Twin MKll, I'm also using the program Sound Siphon to separate my spotify and Mic. I see the Mic levels on the interface and OBS, looks like its working but I'm not recording any audio in the stream. I've fixed it once by setting...