Roland VR 4HD -> OBS : Movement on video is slow and glitchy


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Hi there
I work at a music venue, where we stream most of our concerts. In an effort to upgrade our setup, we decided to buy a Mac Mini M1. The first stream we did worked flawlessly, and the computer in general is so much more smooth and fast than our old windows 10 desktop.

However we'we run into an issue:
The video has started to becoma laggy and glitchy (as seen in this video ) (compared to this video )
To be fair the "good" video was recorded on the windows, so we tried to change back to the windows computer. The video was also glitchy there.

Anyone who has any ideas?

Our setup is the following
Roland VR-4HD (connected via USB) -> Mac Mini M1 -> OBS -> -> facebook n youtube

The VR 4HD has a little monitor on itself, and is also connected to an external monitor which is not glitchy. We tried changing the USB, the computer, a ton of OBS settings, a couple settings on the VR-4HD and now we're lost.

Is it a driver? An update for the VR? A hacker that decided our stream was shit?