m1 mac mini

  1. Nico010402

    Roland VR 4HD -> OBS : Movement on video is slow and glitchy

    Hi there I work at a music venue, where we stream most of our concerts. In an effort to upgrade our setup, we decided to buy a Mac Mini M1. The first stream we did worked flawlessly, and the computer in general is so much more smooth and fast than our old windows 10 desktop. However we'we run...
  2. D

    Decklink Output on M1 Mac Mini has blue tint

    I have been using OBS to test a Blackmagic Ultrastudio Monitor 3G and the Decklink Output plugin on a M1 Mac Mini. While the display does come through, it has a blue tint (see image below). I have already replaced the unit and still have the same issue. When testing using the Blackmagic Express...
  3. jbonze

    FYI : How to capture audio on OBS on mac M1 with speakers on

    Probably the best free answer is here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-ECXna1hiY I tryed many different solutions, and this one seems to be the one the closest for what I can call an old magnetoscope, which allows you to record whatever on your screen with sound, while watching and...
  4. L

    M1 Mac Mini - Video distortion in recordings & streaming

    New to the forums, but been using OBS for about 1 year now for livestream: We just split our livestream to a dedicated M1 Mac mini - Maxed out RAM to 16 gb - 1TB ssd. The issues I'm seeing is artifacts/glitches in the video at first I thought it had something to do with just the monitors we...
  5. G

    Overload after approx 50% CPU usage

    MacBook Air M1 16GB BigSur 11.1 - i have to set superfast to remain < 50% CPU. FAQ: is there a way to make OBS run without overload even when more the 50% cpu are used? of course video starts stuttering when overloaded... thx! log file attached
  6. NOAverse

    StreamFx & M1 Mac Mini

    Howdy! As some of you have already noticed, it is now possible to use StreamFx as an Apple user. Although I followed the steps and checked them 3 times ... I was unable to get StreamFx to work. Has anyone already had a positive result? I would be very happy to receive positive feedback. To...