m1 mac mini

  1. D

    Decklink Output on M1 Mac Mini has blue tint

    I have been using OBS to test a Blackmagic Ultrastudio Monitor 3G and the Decklink Output plugin on a M1 Mac Mini. While the display does come through, it has a blue tint (see image below). I have already replaced the unit and still have the same issue. When testing using the Blackmagic Express...
  2. jbonze

    FYI : How to capture audio on OBS on mac M1 with speakers on

    Probably the best free answer is here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-ECXna1hiY I tryed many different solutions, and this one seems to be the one the closest for what I can call an old magnetoscope, which allows you to record whatever on your screen with sound, while watching and...
  3. L

    M1 Mac Mini - Video distortion in recordings & streaming

    New to the forums, but been using OBS for about 1 year now for livestream: We just split our livestream to a dedicated M1 Mac mini - Maxed out RAM to 16 gb - 1TB ssd. The issues I'm seeing is artifacts/glitches in the video at first I thought it had something to do with just the monitors we...
  4. G

    Overload after approx 50% CPU usage

    MacBook Air M1 16GB BigSur 11.1 - i have to set superfast to remain < 50% CPU. FAQ: is there a way to make OBS run without overload even when more the 50% cpu are used? of course video starts stuttering when overloaded... thx! log file attached
  5. NOAverse

    StreamFx & M1 Mac Mini

    Howdy! As some of you have already noticed, it is now possible to use StreamFx as an Apple user. Although I followed the steps and checked them 3 times ... I was unable to get StreamFx to work. Has anyone already had a positive result? I would be very happy to receive positive feedback. To...