Games start stuttering, tearing, lagging when I open OBS


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So I was streaming games no problem yesterday but this morning I updated OBS and now when, I open the app, the games start stuttering and dropping frames (it also locks every game on 120fps) without even trying to record or broadcast anything. All it takes is for me to open OBS and it starts lagging my PC after this new update.

I've tried running OBS as an administrator and it didn't help. I also reinstalled my GPU's drivers.
I doubt it's my PC since OBS was working just fine on before the update.


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I have had the same thing! I just went to check my footage from earlier and it never recorded anything. It was all frozen. Whenever I open it, my computer automatically lags. This computer is 1 month old too. I spend a few thousand on it. OBS needs to fix this asap!


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I had issues yesterday! Have been successfully streaming music videos onto Facebook and YouTube for 2 years. Yesterday I installed the update, and had problems getting the audio interface to work. Finally I deleted the source in OBS, restarted my computer and then added it back in. I also had to tweak the computer's audio because the internal mic was still capturing sound also (causing echo) even though it wasn't selected in OBS. We were able to stream, and the audio is good, but the PICTURE dropped / froze / stalled then continued. I reviewed the recording on the hard drive, and it was fine, so definitely a streaming issue. I wonder if I should unlink the video source and add it back in also? Or is there some settings with "frames / sec" that needs to be corrected/adjusted? thanks for any help


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I had the same issues. I even rolled back to pre-updates version of OBS, and it was still bad. Anything from the OBS team on this?