1. M

    Question / Help Zoom Camera not seen under Automatic Capture Method

    I am pretty new in the OBS. I am using OBS 25.0.1 (64 bit) with Windows 10 operation System Zoom video (that is camera or screen sharing by Zoom) by using Window Capture as a source is not working properly after updating Zoom Windows Client. That is, to stream the Zoom screen, I was using the...
  2. Z

    Question / Help OBS wont pick up one specific game. Help!

    Hello. So, I've been using OBS for about a week now and have good luck with it. Yesterday there was an update and even since than my Game Capture will not pick up the game Paladins from Steam. It picks up other games from Steam and off it, but for some reason now just Paladins wont show up? I...
  3. D

    What are you fellers using for Customer Browser Docks?

    Currently, I just have a picture of my stupid fucking smug face. Looking for ideas to benefit my streaming ability. Or maybe just something cool.
  4. D

    Question / Help Tried every way but couldn't fix it

    Hi there, When I have a problem, I always check the forums or YouTube to sort it out but with this problem, it didn't work out. Although I have updated my drivers, I am still having the same warning. I tried to fix the problem by changing the encoder to x264 but the performance was really...
  5. IamOMan

    Bug Report Since New update, startup invisible and can not find

    Since the latest update I can not open OBS, it does make sound from a scene's media I had it on last and it shows up in the activity monitor but not in the dock or cmd+tab or on any monitor. I have reinstalled it twice and reset the system with no changes.
  6. R

    Bug Report Are you kidding me?

    This is a possible bug report. I was using OBS studio for the past 6 months with hardly a single drop frame ever. Before that I had worse internet which would drop frames periodically, seemingly every 45 seconds or so like it was programmed to do that in intervals. That frame drop behavior led...
  7. TDefton

    Free Launchpad OBS 1.0.0

    Description For the longest time I have been looking for an alternative to the Elgato streamdeck. I wasn't really able to find a good one, but I had this launchpad for a while. I make music as a hobby and when I'm not doing that, my launchpad was just sitting there. I searched online for...
  8. D

    Question / Help OBS Studio 23: Pixelation during stream with "NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)

    Howdy gamers. I downloaded the OBS Studio 23 update and really enjoy that I can see Stream Information and Stream Chat. I tried making my BASE RESOLUTION match the OUTPUT SCALED RESOLUTION but, I have noticed when streaming, I seem to get a lot of Pixelation. (They are 2560 x 1440) If I reduce...
  9. HelpMe123

    Question / Help Can't update

    Whenever I try to update my OBS to 22.0 or higher, this appears. No idea what to do please help (Windows 10 PC).
  10. K

    Question / Help Blackscreen at Display Capture mode after Update 22.0.2

    Hey, Does anyone have the same issue after the update, I already tried changing Nvidia to Integrated & High-Performance, both modes wont work. https://obsproject.com/logs/T8_7t93Thz2c8Dcp best, kemane
  11. T

    Question / Help OBS crashing after 10-15 minutes

    Hello everyone ! I'm trying to identify cause of my recent OBS crashed on Windows 10 x 64 bit version Logs : https://pastebin.com/np57dYLb Crashlog : https://pastebin.com/1T3dsgFj Most of my specs : http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/8151497 It started happening after I updated my BIOS.
  12. K

    Question / Help OBS Update won't open

    I'd been using OBS for months with no issues, including within the last week or two, then Saturday i finally did the update it kept asking for, and now, it crashes anytime I open it. It'll sort of open, like the window pops up as if it's opening, but then it'll close immedietly before it even...
  13. FeLONe

    Question / Help New Windows Update OBS soft running on iGPU

    So with the recent update you are able to assign specific software to a specific GPU you want it to run on. I trid to set OBS to run on intel HD630 while i play on my GTX 1070 to bypass the render lag with OBS in PUBG (not enough gpu power in gtx1070 i guess). But the sources are not showing...