PNG Images Displaying Incorrectly After Update


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Hello all, Anyone else notice any PNG images within their OBS looking completely different after the update to 27? Been attempting to dive into the settings but have not been able to find a correction. Is this a bug or an intended change?

I have attached some images of the differences between the same file on both OBS 26 & 27.

Any help would be much appreciated! Currently reverted back to OBS 26 due to this issue, as these PNGs do not look good in any way.


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I will also say that the update messed with a lot of my Color Correction filters, so i've had to verify nearly every source/video/graphic that has a color correction filter on it. they also changed the Opacity value range from 0-100, it is now from 0-1. this broke some functionality in my LioranBoard controller in adjusting alpha settings, and now I'm waiting either for OBS to revert to 0-100, or an update from LB.


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16 bit will display fine ....... but not with an alpha (transparent) background it’s annoying but there’s easy work arounds for now