Question / Help Zoom Camera not seen under Automatic Capture Method


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I am pretty new in the OBS. I am using OBS 25.0.1 (64 bit) with Windows 10 operation System
Zoom video (that is camera or screen sharing by Zoom) by using Window Capture as a source is not working properly after updating Zoom Windows Client.
That is, to stream the Zoom screen, I was using the following steps (before Zoom Windows Client Update)
1. Under the Sources Click + button
2. Select Window Capture
3. on the opened window, selections will be
Window: [Zoom.exe]: Zoom
Capture Method: Automatic
Window Match Priority: (any of the 3 options)
4. Uncheck the Capture Cursor option (I did not want the cursor to be shown on the screen)
5. Click OK

It was showing the Zoom video on the Screen.

After the Windows Zoom Client update (from version 4.5.2 (3372.0908) to version 4.6.8 (19178.0323) this selection stopped showing the video of Zoom. The only option was changing the capture method to "Windows Graphic Capture (Windows 10 1093 and up) to see the video again, however, in that option, not showing the cursor option is not available.

Do you have any idea how not to see cursor again?