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I tried to record my WhatsApp chat, but when I kept OBS open and running. The recording did not happen. Later when I went back on the recording window with OBS recording in the background, it worked fine. This issue is interfering with since the latest update came, Oct 6, 2020. Attached is the image with the time on the PC. Please see to it.
Earlier multi-tasking despite OBS running was smooth and not an issue, but since the update, it has ruined the experience.
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You are not capturing WhatsApp chat as a window. You are capturing a Google Chrome window running the Webchat web page as a web application.

07:27:35.423: [window-capture: 'Window Capture'] update settings:
07:27:35.423: executable: chrome.exe

OBS maybe failing in capturing Chrome as a window. Try disablling hardware acceleration in Google Chrome.Exit Chrome and close OBS. Then restart both again.


Also, with a window capture, if you are using the window title method, make sure the title matches or you will not have the window capture. For if the WhatsApp title is difffrerent or changes through time, OBS isn't going to be able to find the window.

But an easier solution is to just display capture.


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Yes, I have that option enabled already, despite that the issue still does exist. Also, I do have a query can I record a window that is running minimized or in the background?
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