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OBS Lua xObsPortableStreamDeckUpdater v0.1


Script to keep the Stream Deck plugin updated in portable OBS 29.1 (or higher) installations.

Only works on Windows. Must have the Stream Deck software installed on the PC where OBS with this script is running.


The OBS 29.1 release introduced this change:
Plugins installed system-wide are no longer loaded when OBS is run in Portable Mode [gxalpha]
The Stream Deck software installs its OBS plugin as a system-wide plugin, hence OBS 29.1 in portable mode will no longer load this plugin due to this change.

This script serves two purposes:
  1. If you just upgraded to OBS 29.1 and noticed that your Stream Deck is no longer interfacing with OBS properly, then this script will take care of copying the global plugin to your local portable OBS folder.
  2. The script will also check on every startup whether the global Stream Deck plugin was updated to a new version, notify you of the update and offer to do the plugin update for you.
The plugin update itself is quite simple, it just means copying the plugin files from the global folder where the Stream Deck software has put them to the local folders within the portable OBS installation.


Extract the downloaded file to the \data\obs-plugins\frontend-tools\scripts sub-folder within your portable OBS folder. It is very important that the script is running from this folder, it will not work properly, if it is run from a different directory.

Then start OBS, from the main menu select Tools -> Scripts, click the plus (+) sign and select the xObsPortableStreamDeckUpdater.lua file.

If you didn't previously copy the plugin over manually already, then the script should now immediately tell you that there is an update available, because the plugin is missing from the portable installation.


In the OBS main menu select Tools -> Scripts and configure whether you want to automatically have this script do the update check on script load (usually means on OBS startup). This is enabled by default, if you leave it enabled, then you can just forget about it at this point and let the script automatically notify you of an update when it becomes necessary.

If you only want to check manually, then disable that option and from time to time come back to the scripts window, select the script and click the Check now button.

In any way, if an update is detected, a dialog like this will appear:

If you select Yes the .cmd script that comes with this plugin will be launched and will guide you through the process, please follow the instructions in that window, it will ask you to close OBS first:

Alternatively you can manually update the plugin. For this use the buttons to open the global and local folders:

The global folder is where you want to copy the current plugin files from (source), the local folders are the folders within the current OBS portable structure where you need to put the plugin files (destination).
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